Friday, August 30, 2002

Have a great Labor Day weekend. I intend to use part of it reviewing a case on appeal involving the Boy Scouts and the People's Republic of Berkeley.
I just learned an interesting fact about my native Los Angeles. The city was actually named after the Blessed Mother and the title she holds as the Queen of Angels. As a relatively recent Catholic convert (about 4 years), this was quite a pleasant discovery. However, as a product of the public school system in California, I'm pretty steamed that this kind of information was withheld from me.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

The new NFL season is approaching and, alas, another year will go by without my native Los Angeles having a team. Having a grown up a die-hard Rams fan, I was crushed when they left for St. Louis in the early nineties. I just wish the ownership of the Rams would show some class and change the name of team, like the Browns and Oilers did when they left for Baltimore and Tennessee.

I'm thinking of adopting the New Orleans Saints as my new favorite team, because, well, of the reference to saints. I don't know. Maybe I just won't pay much attention to pro football again like I have for the past 7-8 years.
Ha! In relation to the post below, Bob Jones III apparently quotes a hymn written by a Catholic priest (Frederick Faber) to defend his proposed substitution of the word "fundamentalist" with "preservationist". The hymn, Faith of Our Fathers, was also apparently inspired in part by the awful persecution of Catholics by Henry VIII. Thanks to Kathy C. for the 411.
I've often wondered how to best distinguish a Protestant fundamentalist from a Protestant evangelical. Thanks to some people I know who see themselves as the latter, now I know. A Protestant evangelical is basically a fundamentalist with a college degree.

Speaking of fundamentalists and college, the folks at good 'ol Bob Jones University have apparently been considering adopting a new description of themselves. How does Protestant "preservationist" strike you?

Monday, August 26, 2002

Beam me up! A couple of interesting links from the folks at The Corner. The Democrat Party candidate for governor in Ohio is married to Kate "Captain Janeway" Mulgrew, who is pro-life.
You know, I'm getting pretty sick of some of these ignorant Protestant evangelicals and fundamentalists who ascribe committee documents coming out of the USCCB as a teaching of the Catholic Church. It's obvious that guys like Jim Sibley will jump on any chance they get to slam an institution they have deep seeded contempt for.

Granted, the "reflections" on the evangelization of Jews was sloppy and subject to misinterpretation. But even if it wasn't, unless the document is affirmed by the entire USCCB and by Rome, it amounts to nothing more than a theological opinion piece.