Saturday, May 25, 2002

The normally left-wing San Francisco Chronicle sort of defends Capital Christian Center for its actions toward Christina Silvas, the Christian stripper mom.

BTW, Ms. Silvas has accepted a fully clothed job at a local radio station here in Sacramento. What a bunch of charitable guys, huh?
Here's a pretty nice story that illustrates the growth of the Catholic Church in the South. As you read the column, you'll notice that the writer describes the particular parish under discussion as a "megachurch". This is a term, of course, that is normally associated with large evangelical Protestant churches. Curious...
California school district authorizes "gay" teachers to freely "come out" in front of students.

It certainly does appear as though my home state is well on its way to legalizing "consensual" homosexual pedophilia. BTW, my boss, Brad Dacus, will be appearing on the O'Reilly Factor this coming Tuesday to talk about this district's policy. Catch it if you can!

Friday, May 24, 2002

Question to those who feel homosexuality is an immutable characteristic that should be treated no differently than heterosexuality: Is pedophilia wrong if the minor, or pre-pubescent, child consents to the sexual act?
Mike Hardy responds (italicized) to several of my previous comments (in bold):

After today, Roger Ho just might not be one of my favorite blogs. Three comments;

Pope accepts Weakland's resignation. My question to this Bishop is, even if he didn't molest anyone, does
he believe the homosexual desires he apparently acted upon were disordered? If so, and he is sincerely sorry
for what he did, he should be forgiven.

What if he's just sincerely sorry for what he did?

My reply: If he's sorry he violated his vow of celibacy, I suppose I wouldn't have a problem forgiving him. I would, however, have a problem if he didn't think homosexuality wasn't a disordered affliction.


If the California Legislature votes to pass a bill that allows people engaged in an active homosexual "deathstyle" to be foster parents then I better not see one priest in this state imprisoned for pedophilia or one Bishop sued for trying to cover it up.

At least Mr. Ho doesn't come right out and say that the only thing homosexual foster parents want to do is fondle their charges. (Do I need to bother to say they don't?). It sure as heck looks like he wants you to believe it though. There's also this

My reply: The underlying presumption in Mr. Hardy's comment, of course, is that homosexuality is perfectly normal. It isn't. As such, I would ask Mr. Hardy if he thinks it would be wise for two homosexual acting males to act as the foster parents for a young boy who has been taken out of his home by Child Protective Services because his father was sexually molesting him.

You want to know what CPS' dirty little secret is? Even without the proposed law, children are already being placed in the homes of people who openly practice homosexuality, and more often times than not, these children are being sexually abused, if not by the foster parent, then by one of the foster parent's "acquaitances". But because CPS is allowed to operate by its own rules (an agent can refuse to allow a child to have an attorney present when he/she is asked questions about his/her parents) and is staffed by people who are vehemently anti-Christian and pro-homosexual, a blind eye is often turned. How do I know this? I get calls almost everyday about it, and I work with attorneys who are developing a strategy for suing CPS on a state by state basis.

And in case you're wondering, I'm not really in favor of placing children in the homes of people who, although not "gay", aren't married.

if the priests quoted in this decidedly slanted
article are not acting upon their desires, and they
are upholding the teachings of the Church, they aren't


My reply: ...and cheese!

There's a certain over-used 4-letter word I try to avoid on this blog: "hate". Looking at the comments above, coming from a lawyer who is presumably bright enough to know better, you can see why many folks often find that word to be appropriate.

My reply: Ah, yes...the old standard reply of a liberal who is incapable of providing a reasoned response to a comment or statement he disagrees with. If homosexuality was an immutable characteristic on the level of race or ethnicity, MAYBE I would agree with you. But it isn't. Homosexuality is a disordered act eminating from a disordered desire. It is not much different than a man who can only feel satisfied by either masturbating or having as much sex with as many women he can find.

I've decided to change the settings in my blogs so that my earlier posts appear above the later ones. So if you happen to go into the archives and see me a reference to something "below", look up not down.
Woman sues diocese for not allowing her to be a priest; says Church should lose its tax exempt status.

The essential basis for this woman's claim is a horrible 1983 Supreme Court decision involving Bob Jones University.

I don't believe she has a case, but this lawsuit is a great example of how some people, blinded by the pursuit for power and ignorant of Church teachings, are determined to make God in their own image.
Pope accepts Weakland's resignation. My question to this Bishop is, even if he didn't molest anyone, does he believe the homosexual desires he apparently acted upon were disordered? If so, and he is sincerely sorry for what he did, he should be forgiven.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

If the California Legislature votes to pass a bill that allows people engaged in an active homosexual "deathstyle" to be foster parents then I better not see one priest in this state imprisoned for pedophilia or one Bishop sued for trying to cover it up.
More papal hand-wringing from squish-con extaordinaire Andrew Sullivan:

The Pope doesn't want to deal with the profound issues of priestly celibacy, ecclesiastical abuse of power and sexual morality that are wreaking havoc in the American church. He has far more important things to do - like complain about some celebrities wearing crucifixes and tend to his sparse flock in Azerbaijan. There are two priests in Azerbaijan. Two. This papacy is now descending into self-parody. While Rome burns ...

Sullivan appears to be suggesting that the Pope needs to address the issues of celibacy and sex abuse because the Church has no positions on them. He is, of course, dead wrong (just read the Catechism). As such, Sullivan may as well demand that the Pope reinvent the wheel given all the damage and deaths that Firestone has caused.
Yeah, the allegations against Bishop Weakland are disturbing, but given his left-of-center doctrinal positions, not all that surprising...if true.
Yes! The National (Non) Education Association gets slapped for violating the religious rights of teachers.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Have not had an opportunity to read this article on heretical Bibles, but I'm kind of curious how non-Catholic Christians -- who generally accept the Bible as the only authority for their faith -- can claim a particular translation is heretical. How can they really know?
I'm getting mighty sick of these illogical Catholic arm-chair quarterbacks who are using the sex-abuse scandals as a vehicle for arguing that the Church is "out of touch" with the world. On the contrary, if the Church in America wasn't so *&%$! concerned about what the world thought of it (e.g., "homophobic", misogynist, prudish) the Church probably wouldn't be in the mess it is in today!
To those Catholics who are leaving the Church that Jesus founded because of the incompetant and arrogant acts of certain members of the hierarchy, l offer to you the following quote from St. Francis de Sales who confronted similar scandals in the Church during his lifetime:

"While those who give scandal are guilty of the spiritual equivalent of murder, those who allow scandals to destroy their faith are guilty of spiritual suicide."

Is the world's largest abortion provider outside of commie-hell China covering up sex crimes against female minors? I smell RICO...

(p.s., Thanks to the reader who gave me the "heads up" on this)
According to this story in the Los Angeles Times, several priests afflicted with homosexual desires are feeling scapegoated by the Church and may leave their positions out of protest.

The attitudes expressed by the priests in this article is a great example of what's wrong with the priesthood in America: like the popular culture, it presumptively equates a disordered psychological desire to an immutable biological characteristic (e.g., race). Contrary to what most liberals and squish conservatives like Andrew Sullivan think, "being gay" is not the same as being black, Chinese, or a midget. This is true both in civil law (i.e., homosexuality is not a "suspect class") and within the Church.

Bottom line is, if the priests quoted in this decidedly slanted article are not acting upon their desires, and they are upholding the teachings of the Church, they aren't "gay". If they understood this, then they wouldn't have any problems with booting out homosexual priests.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Being of Chinese descent, I knew I had to share this website I found on the lives of the Chinese Martyrs JPII canonized in 2000.
Since we're in the week of Pentecost, I thought I'd provide this link on Pentecostalism from the website of uber-Catholic Apologist Dave Armstrong. In a nutshell, Pentecostalism is a heresy that overemphasizes the Holy Spirit and external manifestations as evidence that one has been blessed by God. Although it is most prevalent among Protestant groups, Pentecostalism has been known to infiltrate some quarters of the Catholic Church.
I'm wondering... If a priest or Bishop admits to homosexual desires, but has always remained faihful to the Church's teachings on the issue (including celibacy), then can it be said that that priest or Bishop is homosexually oriented? I tend to think not. Moreover, I tend to believe that homosexuality as an orientation is as much a false concept as "homophobia".
Helpful legal tip of the moment: Parents in California have the legal right to access their childrens' school records regardless of whether the kids are in public or private school. This right is afforded under California Education Code Section 49069.

Monday, May 20, 2002

Well I finally made it to Sunday Mass at the "new" church building that the Sacramento Ecclesia Dei community recently acquired. They had their first Sunday Mass on Mother's Day, but I was out of town.

Because it used to be a Lutheran church, I had suggested (by e-mail) that it be re-named after one of the great Doctors of the Church and Reformation busters, St. Peter Canisius. Needless to say, my suggestion (which was sincere) was dismissed and the building was re-named after St. Stephen.

Although there are renovation plans to make it Catholic, it was kind of interesting to have a traditional Latin Mass in a former Protestant church building. All the pews are slanted in a diagonal direction and there are no kneelers. On second thought, the church looks a lot like some of the buildings I've been in that do clown Masses.
Christian church sponsors motorcycle stunt to attract potential new members.

"Those who came were treated to stunt man Todd Bennick soaring on a motorcycle across the top of four side-by-side buses a dozen times -- including once over the head of pastor Dan Barnes. From inside a red-and-white-striped tent, Barnes preached an hourlong sermon about 'how we are all sinners and, unless we choose God, are going to hell,' the 'Herald-Leader' reported."

God bless their heretical Protestant hearts, but they gotta realize that any new "convert" they get is going to expect to be entertained whenever he/she goes to church on Sundays. Encouraging such an expectation is almost as bad as encouraging people to go to church to scout for a potential husband or wife.

Harvard Law Professor Mary Ann Glendon on EWTN's "The World Over" has suggested that it may not be possible to hold someone like Cardinal Law civily liable to the sex abuse victims who have sued him. The reason is that a Bishop's duty to the laity is dictated by Church canon law, and no civil court in this country may constitutionally interpret or apply the principles of a religious institution.
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case regarding the constitutionality of states posting the names of convicted sex offenders on the Internet.

The case is on appeal from a lower court federal ruling which found the state of Connecticut had "deprived sex offenders of their rights to due process under the Constitution because they did not have an opportunity to show they were no longer a danger to the community."

"'It fails to accommodate the constitutional rights of persons formerly convicted of a wide range of sexual offenses who are branded as likely to be currently dangerous offenders irrespective of whether or not they are,'" it said.

I find this story to be of some relevance to the crisis in the Church insofar it seems to suggest that sex offenders aren't always a danger to repeat their conduct. Good news for Cardinal Law?

Sunday, May 19, 2002

I've long been of the opinion that the only way to significantly reduce abortions in this country is to bankrupt the clinics that are providing them through aggressive medical malpractice litigation. With little to no incentive for ever making any money, what "doctor" would ever get into the business of killing babies? There's at least one organization out there with the right idea, and you can find them by clicking here.
Some good straight talk (no pun intended) from a priest in San Diego:

"It seems clear now why little seems to be said against sexual acting out with minors and against homosexual activity either in the clergy or in society from the shepherds of the church. The only sexual teaching that has come from our bishops in the past decade came out of a committee. This bishops' committee presented homosexuality in a neutral light. Its work was so flawed that the Vatican not only intervened by insisting on changes in this document, it told bishops that no committee ever again could issue such documents without the support of the entire body of bishops. Please pray for bishops and priests that we have the courage to be chaste and to preach chastity to you in the fullness of the gospel. Live your own lives chastely. Hold us priests accountable to the promises we expressed when God made us priests. If we're not hearing it from our bishops who were ordained to shepherd us, we need to hear it from you that you will not tolerate sexual misconduct from us, and that with Christ, priests can live properly to bring His grace to you as we were ordained to do."
The Christian stripper mom situation is "resolved".

"A 5-year-old Rancho Cordova girl will return to kindergarten at the Capital Christian School after being expelled last week because administrators discovered her mother works as a nude dancer."

"Christina Silvas, 24, agreed to stop working at Gold Club Centerfolds off Highway 50 for at least the next three weeks so her daughter can graduate from kindergarten and attend the end-of-the-year pool party she had been looking forward to, among other things."

"She has ruled out having her daughter return to the school to attend first grade."

"'I disagree with the way they've handled the situation,' Silvas said. 'I want to find a school less concerned with image and more concerned with the welfare of children.'"

So basically, not only does this woman feel she has done nothing wrong, she apparently believes that her association with a strip club provides a healthy environment for her child. Warped.