Friday, April 18, 2008


Michelle Malkin's alter ego blog and Rep. Tom Tancredo mindlessly ascribe unfounded motivations on the Pope for his recent, and subtle, pro "open borders" comments.

Update (4/19/08): Very subtle. Possibly even imagined. (h/t to Michelle Malkin herself, though her "Look, I was raised Catholic" defense to charges of anti-Catholicism, which probably aren't fair, is pretty weak.)

Update Two (4/21/08): More on what the Pope really said and the knee jerk reaction of Congressman Cantankerous.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Continuing a Tradition Like No Other

He throws granny under the bus, calls small town America a bunch of bitter, gun toting, Jesus freaks, and now equates U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, a pro-life Republican, to a domestic terrorist.

Obamessiah: The best the Dems can do.

Like Russell From "Fat Albert" Would Say...

N.C. - No Class. (h/t)
Catholic members of Congress who publicly support the right to abortion will trek to Nationals Park Thursday for a Mass celebrated by a pope who has said such lawmakers should not receive Communion.

Leading these lawmakers, some of whom have repeatedly complained about remarks by Pope Benedict XVI and a few bishops on the subject, will be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the government's highest-ranking Catholic and a supporter of abortion rights. Nowhere in her remarks or her actions this week has she referred to strains with the new pontiff.

Instead, she bent to kiss his ring at the White House Wednesday as Benedict arrived in a blaze of pageantry, and later she spoke glowingly on the House floor about his commitment to truth, justice and freedom. A week before he arrived, the House passed a resolution welcoming him to Washington.

And yes, her spokesman said, she intends to receive Communion from one of the 300 priests and lay ministers who will offer it to the gathered flock of 45,000.