Saturday, May 03, 2003

To Quote Keanu Reeves, "Whoa!"

In striking down most of the McCain-Feingold campain finance law, the DC Court of Appeals issues a 1,600 page ruling. There must have been some bleary-eyed law clerks on this one.

Friday, May 02, 2003

The L.A. Times: Sprinting Toward Gomorrah

By awarding a Los Angeles Times Book Prize to the odious "Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex," by Judith Levine, the Times has embraced pedophilia chic as its latest cause..."Harmful to Minors," published by the University of Minnesota Press, calls for lowering the age of sexual consent to 12, and teaching children about sex with other children and with adults, in all varieties. Levine praises a child-care center where "children of all ages may engage in masturbation without shame and consensual child-with-child sexual touching without adult interference" (p. 183). She promotes "outercourse," which "returns lovers to what Freud called polymorphous perversity – the infantile state of full-body sensuality, in which various body parts don't enjoy greater or lesser respect or greater or lesser capacity for pleasure. Male, female or transgendered, we all have mouths, necks, toes, anuses, brains, and nerve endings" (p.196).
Christian-Based Adoption Agency Sued by Lezbos

The interesting, and unreported, aspect to this case is that there is a specific provision in the California Family Code that does not prohibit foster/adoption agencies from discriminating against parent applicants on the basis of sexual (dis)orientation. As a matter of fact, there was a bill introduced last year in the California Legislature that would have prohibited this type of discrimination (thankfully, it was an election year and Davis vetoed it). In light of this, the foster/adoption agency being sued here should theoretically win. Again, though, I'm not the judge.
New List of Pro-Abort Dirty Dozen

Gray Davis and the Sanchez sisters to be named.
So Much for Her Coming Back to the Church I Guess

"All women are goddesses," [Nicole] Kidman decreed to us, "even when they're in the kitchen making pancakes for their kids. Boyfriends need to understand that if women are worshiped, the world will be a better place."

And check out this gem of a quote: Kim Cattrall reassured us that her goddess sect is "all pleasure and no pain. But devotion can be complicated. Because I think the Judeo-Christians really got in the way of goddess worship."

The "Judeo-Christians"?
Another Backhanded Media Slap at the Church?

A short list of different Christian denominations, and their rules for receiving Communion. While this article correctly, though incompletely, points out what the Catholic Church believes about the Eucharist, it wholly ignores the fact that Protestants have a contrary belief, and is thus a main reason for why Communion in the Catholic Church is "closed". I smell secret anti-Catholic agenda.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Expanding the Meaning of "Sexual Harassment"?

A homosexual male is suing his employer under Title VII for uncharitable statements made by heterosexual male co-workers. The plaintiff in this case is positing that he is a victim of unlawful "gender stereotyping". In other words, just as it is unlawful for an employer to terminate (actually or constructively) a woman for "acting too much like a man", the plaintiff here is arguing that he was constructively terminated by his employer's failure to adequately punish those co-workers who were harassing him for not being enough of a "real man". The significant distinction that I see here, however, is that when one alleges that a woman is acting too much like a man, the woman is not necessarily being criticized because of her sexual desire or orientation. That appears to be the situation with the plaintiff here, and since there is no cause of action under Title VII for discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, the defendant/employer should win. Then again, I'm not the judge.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003


I was listening to a morning talk-radio show today, and the on-air personalities were talking about some comments that a player for the Colorado Rockies made on he would feel if he played with a teammate who was openly homosexual. Inevitably, the guy who reports all the sports news for the show made a somewhat offhand comparison between a person who has homosexual tendencies and race. When one considers the presumptions that are involved, why do so many people do this? It would seem to me that if homosexual orientation is equivalent to race or ethnicity, then it should follow that persons of a particular race or ethnicity ought to be expected to behave in a certain manner. But since we all know that this mentality amounts to racism, it absolutley mystifies me why so many people make homosexuality the equivalent of race (unless, of course, they're all racists).
Positively Orwellian

California review board recommends omitting "insensitive" words and phrases from textbooks.

The Founding Fathers, for instance, are now referred to as "The Framers," in an apparent effort to make them sound less male-dominant. And there will be no more reading about Mount Rushmore, where the faces of four U.S. presidents are carved into stone, because it appears to offend some American-Indian groups...Snowman? No more. Melt that image and replace with Snowperson. Want to sail away on a yacht? No, again. It’s too elitist.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

New Feature

Since some in St. Blog's have a sidebar feature on the books they are reading or selling, I thought I'd have my own feature on books I'd like to read, but don't want to pay the hardcover price for them. Enjoy.
Hell Hath No Fury...

An allegedly lovesick 20-year-old woman is being blamed for making a threat that diverted a cruise ship and cost taxpayers a lot of money.

Kelley Marie Ferguson, 20, from Laguna Hills, Calif. was apparently not happy to be on board the Legend of the Seas. Four days after leaving Mexico, prosecutors said she wrote two notes she hoped would force the ship to turn back.

Keep in mind she did this because she missed her boyfriend. I'd sure hate to see how she would react if her boyfirend ever broke up with her.
Will of the People Shmill of the Smeeple

City Council of the People's Republic of Davis approve resolution urging the State of California to ignore Prop. 22 and officially recognize "gay marriages".

"I have the deepest respect for those of you who hold this as a religious belief, that marriage is between a man and woman," Mayor Susie Boyd told the public. "... (However,) I think that the civil rights and the legal issues are really what we need to grapple with tonight, and marriage provides certain protections and benefits ... that are people's rights."

How Cuomo-esque. She respects people of traditional religious faith so much that she is willing to attack them by pushing for further state recognition of intrinsically disordered conduct and minimizing the institution of marriage to one of material and legal benefits.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Battle for the Social Moderate Mind

Stanley Kurtz ruminates on the Santorum flap and how it will seem almost trivial when compared to the impending rumble over "gay marriages".