Saturday, March 04, 2006

Troubles at St. Mary's by the Sea

This is a church in Huntington Beach, CA, which happens to be my former parish and where I was baptized and confirmed. Before its longtime pastor, Fr. Daniel Johnson, retired a couple of years ago, St. Mary's was probably the most traditional and "conservative" parish in the entire diocese of Orange. But now with Fr. Johnson gone, the Bishop of Orange, Tod Brown (a Cardinal Mahoney clone if there ever was one) has eliminated the indult Tridentine Latin Mass at St. Mary's and has forced the parish to institute changes to the way it normally conducted the Novus Ordo Mass (e.g., no more kneeling during, and apparently after, the Agnus Dei).

Well, as one would expect, there were a lot of unhappy people at St. Mary's, and they weren't afraid to express this unhappiness to Bishop Brown. What do these people get in return? An "invitation" to leave both St. Mary's and the Diocese of Orange.

My reaction in 3 words: What the Hell?!