Saturday, December 14, 2002

From a partisan political armchair quarterback perspective, here's how the Republican Party should handle the Democrat attack on Trent Lott: First, admit what Lott said was kinda dumb, but that it shouldn't be seen as anything more than an attempt by him to pander to the audience he was addressing -- i.e., supporters and friends of Strom Thurmond. Second, go on the offensive and bring up the fact that the Democrat Party is the historical party of segregation in this country. Third, bring up the fact that when he was a U.S. Senator, Al Gore's father opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Fourth, bring up the fact that just this past October in Arkansas, Slick Willy Clinton publicly praised former U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright, a known segregationist who had publicly condemned the Supreme Court's ending of school segregation in the famous case of Brown v. Board of Education. (Heck, Clinton even awarded Fulbright a Presidential Medal of Freedom Award!) Finally, if things get really nasty, throw out this quote that U.S. Senator, and former KKK member, Robert Byrd made last year in an interview on Fox News Sunday: "There are white niggers. I've seen a lot of white niggers in my time. I'm going to use that word." That oughtta shut the Dems and their enablers in the media up.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

The President's Faith Based Initiative has been enacted. Aside from its constitutionality, which it probably is, an interesting question is raised as to how much of this money will be funneled to certain religious organizations that, you know, sponsor and encourage nasty acts of violence against non-believers.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Patty B. provides some sobering statistics on the decline of Catholicism in America. If the numbers are accurate, I'm not sure I really agree that the blame should be solely laid at the feet of Vatican II. If there has been any failure in the last 40 years, it has been the weak, almost hands-off, approach that Rome has taken in imposing discipline on bishops and priests who continually insist upon distorting traditional Catholic teaching; teachings that Church "progressives" erroneously believe that Vatican II disavowed.
There they go again.

I've not seen any news stories on this yet, but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that school board invocations that make references to Jesus Christ are sectarian, and therfore, unconstitutional. If you have Lexis or Westlaw, the name of the case is Bacus v. Palo Verde Unified School District.