Friday, October 04, 2002

In looking at paragraph 2309 of the Catechism (the elements of the "just war" doctrine"), I'm inclined to think that the Vatican is being a little ignorant in its opposition to a possible U.S. military preemptive strike against Iraq.

"[Archbishop Renato Martino] recalled the Vatican's opposition to the 1991 Gulf War, saying: 'Everyone knows the way it turned out. War doesn't resolve problems. Besides being bloody, it's useless,' he said."

Uh, if I recall, not only did the Gulf War last less than six months, but we got Sadaam's tyrannical fat a** out of Kuwait. How can the Archbishop say that no problems were resolved and it was a useless endeavor? I suppose if there was one mistake about the war, it's that we didn't immediately go after Sadaam back in Iraq. However, if we did, the coalition we had built for the mission in Kuwait probably would have fallen apart. And then Clinton came into office...
Protestants in Mexico are disturbed over religious expressions made by the president of their country -- who happens to be Catholic. Legitimate concern over an establishment of religion or anti-Catholic bigotry?

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Link via Two pro-life Hollywood stars appear and hold their own on TV talkshows.
Jesse Jackson shows up in Brazil to offer support for seemingly anti-Catholic political candidate "Lula".

"But even if he has the lead, Lula is leaving little to chance, insisting to the crowd that he shares the same ideals — and endured the same discrimination — as Jesus.

'Who in human history was more revolutionary than Jesus Christ? Who fought more for social justice?" Lula asked. "The same elite that is prejudiced against us today, had a prejudice against him.'"

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Go here to check out my choice for California Governor. He's got a funny picture of a guy in chicken suit on there.
Despite the total lack of news coverage, Gov. Gray (out) Davis has vetoed an atrocious bill that would have required foster parents to attend homosexual sensitivity training classes, and prohibited foster child placement agencies from discriminating against foster parent applicants on the basis of their sexual orientation.

The game, of course, isn't over. Believe you me, if Gray-out is reelected this November, expect this and other pro-homo bills that got shot down this year (e.g., the "civil unions" bill) to get reintroduced by the Democrat dominated Legislature and signed into law in a heartbeat.

Monday, September 30, 2002

Too busy to blog today. Hope to have something tomorrow.

Sunday, September 29, 2002

Pat Buchanan helps launch new political magazine called American Conservative.

"...American Conservative magazine was founded with the sole purpose of drawing a line in the sand against the so-called hijackers of the conservative movement, say its leaders.

'We're trying to take back the good name of conservatism from these right-wing impersonators,' Buchanan said at the magazine launch this week."