Friday, February 14, 2003

Almost Forgot...

Happy ("Eff'n" for Molly) Valentine's Day! And have a happy Presidents' Day. Hope you get the day off (I know I'm not -- sigh...)

In light of the fact that Miguel Estrada once filed a brief on behalf of the NOW where he supported the application of federal anti-racketeering statutes to pro-life demonstrators, I quite frankly find it a little difficult to understand why the NOW is so vehemently opposed to his nomination to the DC Court of Appeals. The man is obviously able to divorce his idelogical beliefs from his jurisprudence.
Liberal White Guilt and Racial Payback

Out of the depths of stupidity known as Critical Race Theory, a Canadian appeals court rules that historic racism against blacks should be factored into the criminal sentencings of individuals who belong to said group of people.

In the unanimous Ontario Court of Appeal decision, Mr. Justice Marc Rosenberg writes that "systemic racism and the background factors faced by black youths in Toronto are important matters and in another case I believe that they could affect the sentence."

Rosenberg's decision quotes at length from reports filed in the court case that outline racism in education, society and the justice system (including the 1995 Report of the Commission on Systemic Racism in the Ontario Criminal Justice System).
This Should Have Been More Than Obvious...

"Al Sharpton is NOT a Catholic Priest!"

Thursday, February 13, 2003

The Case for Life Through Kissing

There's speculation that the way a person kisses is something that is developed while in the womb. From a life standpoint, doesn't this lend further support to the assertion that an unborn child is a human being? Or is it in fact possible for something that is not human to later become human?
First Bad Teeth, Now This

Britain has almost 400,000 registered Jedis. Whoda thought there were that many nerds in the country?
Other States Look to California on Abuse Lawsuits and Statutes of Limitation

"Through our wrong actions, we have opened the door for government to attempt to step more vigorously across the constitutional boundary between the business of religion and the business of government and remake the church in dangerous ways," Mark Chopko, general counsel for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said in a recent speech. "Someone has to say, 'Enough is enough' "

I don't have much experience with personal injury actions, but unless there is an intentional tort involved, I really don't see how any diocese can be held civilly liable for shuffling around an abusive priest without the State establishing a standard of conduct for religoius institutions. The problem with the State doing this, of course, is that most religious institutons govern themselves in accordance to specific religious doctrines. Thus, allowing the State to establish standards entails allowing the State to dictate a religious institution's religious beliefs. Doesn't sound very constitutional to me.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Progress or Just Women Who Wish They Were Men?

Short blurb here about Annika Sorenstam being invited to play at a PGA tournament. I wonder if she's gonna play off the big boys' tee.
WJNLL -- Would Jesus Need a Law License?

The guy who requested Christ as his lead attorney is pretty loony, but the judge's reply was pretty bizarre itself.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Former California Education Chief Let Off the Hook in Whistleblower Case

Too bad the judge didn't find Delaine Eastin's conduct to be more than "unprofessional" in a matter where state taxpayers will be responsible for paying out $4 million in damages. This is a woman, mind you, who last year declared homeschooling in California to be illegal and worthy of criminal prosecution.
"When You're Heading Into First and Feelin' Somethin' Burst...

Researchers speculate that E.coli induced diarrhea might prevent colon cancer. If the same holds true for diarrhea caused by lactose intolerance, hand me that glass of milk right now!
Is Alberto Gonzales Spanish for David Souter?

President Bush may be running a political risk with conservatives if he decides to tap the seemingly pro-abortion White House Counsel for a spot on the SCOTUS.

Social conservatives would feel betrayed — the rank-and-filers, that is, not just the leaders of the Washington groups — since the chief reason they were given to vote for Bush was that he would nominate "strict constructionists" like Scalia and Thomas. But Republican senators are not going to vote against a Bush nominee who's also the first Hispanic nominee to the Supreme Court, whatever conservatives say. Conservative opponents of Gonzales will have to be careful not to threaten more than they can deliver.
Former U.S. Attorney General Wants to Impeach Bush

First Ramsey Clark calls Christ a terrorist; now, this bit of...tomfoolery.

(Nice enough of a tone for ya, people?)

Monday, February 10, 2003

Novak's Case for Just War in Iraq

To tell you the truth, I was convinced for the need to militarily disarm Iraq a few months ago. My only concern at this point is the weather. Apparently, it gets pretty hot in Iraq starting in April. As such, if we're gonna go, we gotta do it soon. Who gives a rats-a&# what those ungrateful Poodles and squarehead Krauts think!
Prohibit Students From Praying, and You Can Forget About Getting Any Federal Money

In YOUR FACE Barry Lynn!
This Loss to California Would be a Gain for the Country

If, as speculated, positions on the SCOTUS open up, Bush may nominate current California Supreme Court Justice Janice Brown.

Brown is a conservative African-American who’s ruled against affirmative action and abortion rights. Her nomination would let Bush add the court’s third woman and second African-American in one swoop.
You Never Know 'Til You Try