Saturday, November 01, 2008

Courting Disaster

"No self-respecting country would elect as president a man who spent 20 years taking spiritual guidance from a pastor who openly hates the country. And no country that loses its self respect can anticipate a bright future." - Paul Mirengoff

"[Wright] represents the best of what the Black church has to offer..."
- Barack Obama circa 1995

"Change" You Can Believe In?

If Obama wins, I'll be getting on my knees and pray that people who voted for him won't get fooled again.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Completing His Obamian Transformation

While noted Obama enthusiast Doug Kmiec doesn't explicitly say in this interview that he approves of the fundamentally idiotic judicial philosophies of Supreme Court Justices David Souter and Stephen Breyer (who are the kind of justices Kmiec says a President Obama would look to appoint) he definitely implies such an approval (h/t):
"These justices are individuals who tend to examine closely the consequences of legal decisions in terms of their effects on the larger society, as well as to examine a legal outcome in terms of the specifics of a particular record."

"Justice Souter, for example, prides himself on not resolving any case other than the one before him," Kmiec said, "whereas Justice Breyer has a little bit more of an academic scope – in that he not only decides the case in front of him in a pragmatic way, but also tries to analyze what that practical solution would mean for related areas of the law – for example, he’s an expert in administrative law."

Voter Fraud in Central Cali?

Via Michelle Malkin comes news of a couple of facilities for the developmentally disabled in Central California that have apparently been coaching several of its adult patients/clients to register and vote for The One. Administrators at these facilities, of course, deny doing anything wrong or exercising any sort of undue influence. Parents disagree.
"I have an issue with them going behind my back. It was wrong," said Rod Homen. Homen's daughter Shelley, 26, spends the day at CAPS PLUS in Manteca but lives at home with him in Escalon.

Homen said Shelley has the intellectual capacity of a seven-year-old. He discovered she had voted absentee after paperwork arrived at the house from the county registrar.

The mother of another CAPS PLUS client was equally outraged. "It really made me mad," said Diana Hanson.

"She doesn't understand it. She's not mentally capable of voting," said Hanson of her daughter Kara, 23, who has Down Syndrome.

Obama is Stupid or a Liar

National Review's Ed Whelan thinks the latter with respect to Obama's false assertion that differing judicial philosophies among members of the Supreme Court don't matter.

Personally, I like the "both/and" approach to evaluating Barry.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Huffington Post Blogger Commits Murder, Then Suicide

Tragic to say the least. But given the lack of dignity and value Ms. Burger presumptively afforded to human life, particularly the unborn, as well as her willingness to live a gravely immoral lifestyle, I can't really say it's all that surprising. (via)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lawsuit Challenging Whether Obama is Natural Born Citizen Dismissed

Judge says the guy who filed the lawsuit, Phillip Berg, lacks standing to sue. More broadly, regular American citizens apparently cannot legally challenge whether an individual who is running for President possesses the constitutionally mandated requirements for that office.