Friday, December 12, 2003

This Doesn't Seem Very Smart

Illegal immigrants protest the repeal of a California law that would have allowed them to have driver's licenses.

Pablo Lopez, 44, of Santa Ana, marched with about 70 others from an Orange County landscaping company that had released its employees for the boycott. Lopez said he was an undocumented immigrant for 12 years and drove without a license, but was always afraid of getting stopped by police and deported.

"People come to this country for opportunity. That's what we're fighting for," said Lopez. "We come here to work hard and we have family that we have to protect. If we don't have a license, we won't be able to do that."

Any chance that INS was around to pick these people up?
Many First Christians Were Jews, So Why Aren't You's?

Jews for Jesus are sued over an alleged false conversion story.

I once had an informal debate with a member of Jews for Jesus over the general Protestant belief of sola scriptura (JFJ's tend to subscribe to it). Needless to say, the debate ended with the JFJ member accusing me of having some deep seeded darkness in my heart for challenging the notion that the Bible is the sole authority and deposit of the Christian faith.
Obnoxious Self-Centered Bumper Sticker O' the Day

Seen while driving to work this morning: "Just Say No to Sex With People Who Are Pro-Life"

Pray for us Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Kucinich is a Dork

And the people who support him should be prohibited from voting...ever.
Jesus is the Reason

The is a response to the growing censorship and revisionist policies and practices concerning Christmas that is evident in retail stores, public schools, government offices, businesses, and the media. Our mission is to compile an ongoing list of businesses and organizations that engage in egregious cultural revisionism and expose them to the millions of consumers whose heritage is being expunged from the public cultural arena.

Update: The editors of Grinchlist annoyingly and needlessly make the following religious distinction: Public schools celebrate “Hispanic Heritage Month” embracing the emergence of the largest pool of new Immigrants, yet fail to mention that this same group has contributed equally to the growth of the Christian and Catholic ranks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

If You Aren't Liberal, You Aren't "Diverse" and "Tolerant"

After publishing a study which showed that Wells College professors are profoundly to the Left of Center, a College Republican Club gets shot down in its application for official school recognition.
The Always Quotable Justice Scalia

Re: the SCOTUS' upholding of a largely unconstitutional campign finance reform bill.

This is a sad day for the freedom of speech. Who could have imagined that the same Court which, within the past four years, has sternly disapproved of restrictions upon such inconsequential forms of _expression as virtual child pornography, . . . tobacco advertising, . . . dissemination of illegally intercepted communications, . . . and sexually explicit cable programming, . . . would smile with favor upon a law that cuts to the heart of what the First Amendment is meant to protect: the right to criticize the government. For that is what the most offensive provisions of this legislation are all about . . .

The first instinct of power is the retention of power, and, under a Constitution that requires periodic elections, that is best achieved by the suppression of election-time speech. We have witnessed merely the second scene of Act I of what promises to be a lengthy tragedy. In scene 3 the Court, having abandoned most of the First Amendment weaponry that Buckley left intact, will be even less equipped to resist the incumbents writing of the rules of political debate. The federal election campaign laws, which are already (as today's opinions show) so voluminous, so detailed, so complex, that no ordinary citizen dare run for office, or even contribute a significant sum, without hiring an expert advisor in the field, can be expected to grow more voluminous, more detailed, and more complex in the years to come.and always, always, with the objective of reducing the excessive amount of speech. Justice Scalia dissenting and concurring at 3, 19 (citations omitted).
Who's Your Role Model Howie?

Crazy, but funny, comparison via Mark Shea

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Why Humans Can't Allow Machines to Make Decisions

The USC football team is ranked #1 in the coaches' and writers' polls, but gets left out of the national championship game by a computer. Outrageuous.