Friday, September 12, 2003

Are We Safer?

Regardless of whether the "new" audio and video tapes of Osama bin Laden are real and recent, the fact that these are the best that he and al Qaida can do to scare us should pretty much tell you that the war on terror is working. Trust the Bush-man I say.
Recall, Hanging Chads and the 9th Circuit

If the dweebs in the 9th Circuit holds up the recall because they think punch card ballots "disenfranchise" minorities, then we may as well push this rationale to its most logical conclusion by investigating whether "Gay" Davis was really elected back in '98. Heck, why not go back and investigate every past gubernatorial election where punch card ballots were used!

My utter contempt for the ACLU grows.
Stop Beating a Dead Horse!

So essentially says the 11th Circuit to homosexuals challenging the constitutionality of Alabama's "deviate sexual intercourse" law.

In the wake of the Lawrence decision the statute has been declared dead by the Alabama Attorney General, who as the chief law enforcement officer of the state ought to know. But the corpse is not dead enough to suit the plaintiffs, who want the federal courts to drive a stake through its heart by adding our pronouncement to the Attorney General’s. For the reasons that follow, they don’t have standing to get us to speak on the subject beyond what we must say in order to dispose of their appeal from the district court’s dismissal of their complaint for lack of standing.
Why Recall Davis?

Because he's gonna get us killed!

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Lots of God at the SCOTUS

Bush weighs in on state aid for religious education case and Buckethead (a.k.a. Michael Newdow) formally clamors for Scalia to recuse himself from the Pledge 'o Allegiance case.
Liberal Media Bias Example Five Billion and Two

Straight off the headline no less: Bishops Back Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Probable Light Blogging

At least for the next couple of days. I'm working on an unfair business practices (i.e., failure to pay overtime) case that I hope will expand my experience in employment law. I've got plans to open up my own practice.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The Revenge of Palsgraf

If you're a lawyer or at least a second semester first year law student, you know what this tort case is and the kind of debate it elicits. Well, over at Mark Shea's blog, there's been some grumbling by Mr. Shea and various commenters about a ruling by a federal district court judge that the 9/11 terrorist attack was a "foreseeable risk." Such a ruling effectively opens the door for several civil lawsuits that have been filed by survivors of 9/11 victims against some of the airlines and airplane manufacturers whose planes got hijacked and destroyed.

As you'll see in his comment boxes, if you bother to look, I have initially taken what appears to be a minority position; that is, I think the judge's ruling might be correct, and that the airlines and manufacturers could be held liable for negligence. Since I haven't read Palsgraf in quite some time, I'm wondering if my position here falls under the Cardozo perspective on liability or the Andrews perspective. Little help from gallery.
Real Men...

protest Gay Day.

The group and site seem a bit too fundamentalist, but I think they're generally ok.
It's Getting More Ridiculous

Taking her cue from the Alabama Ten Commandments monument case, a Texas woman is suing to remove a courthouse Bible display that is part of a tribute to a businessman who helped found a homeless shelter.

If this thing gets any traction, expect demands that government funded statues of Fr. Junipero Serra in California not have any rosary depictions on them, that the word "Father" not be included with "Junipero Serra," and that the statues not depict Fr. Serra with his Franciscan robes.