Thursday, November 14, 2002

One of my all-time favorite congressmen, Rep. Chris Cox (who is also Catholic) is sponsoring a bill that would help fund the restoration of an old missionary church building. I'm not sure if the "separation of church and state" lemmings will oppose this bill, but given the fact that the whole mission is a state historical landmark, I tend to doubt it.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Dagnabbit! I butchered my job interview with the Madera County Counsel's Office today. I hate getting those "Thank you for applying, but we will no longer be considering you" letters. Ah, well. Guess I just wasn't meant to live near Fresno.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

There is, without a doubt, a glaring relationship between Protestantism and American consumerism. Unfortunately, the Catholic Church in the United States hasn't exactly escaped being infected by the latter itself.
Supreme Court to agrees to hear web porn case.

"Shortly after the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton in 2000, a group of libraries, Web sites and Internet users backed by the American Civil Liberties Union sued in federal district court, claiming that the law violates the First Amendment because the filtering software sweeps up a large amount of legitimate material as well as obscenity or child pornography."
Is there any doubt that Berkeley is nothing but wasted air space?

Monday, November 11, 2002

If you've ever seen a soap opera or variety show on Univision, this story really shouldn't be a big surprise.

"Randy Thomasson, executive director of the Campaign for California Families, said that it has been his experience that the major Spanish language media outlets such as Univision and La Opinion, rarely cover pro-family issues. "The last time La Opinion covered something from our side was in 1996," he said in a telephone interview. Thomasson said, approximately, "90 percent of the time, Univsion does not cover our pro-family news conferences in spite of the fact that Latinos are very family-oriented. Thomasson also noted that when his group has pitched pro-family stories to La Opinion, they have not been receptive. "Earlier this year we had a press conference at the Los Angeles city hall over the Marriage Protection Pledge. Andrea Franklin, from our office, spoke with them about covering the event. I just don't think they are very interested," Thomasson said."
Happy Veteran's Day. For all my Protestant brothers and sisters, this day is akin to all the feast days the Catholic Church devotes to the Saints in Heaven (i.e., those who have lived a heroic life in Christ) throughout the calendar year.
I'm guessing swap meet merchants who sell "Folex" watches and "Mucci" handbags will be watching this case with great interest and concern.