Friday, October 24, 2003

Anti-Catholic Twit

This guy's bigoted screed against the Church and JP II is as idiotic as the lawsuit filed against worldwide Jews whose ancestors allegedly stole from Egypt 3300 years ago.
Blessed Mother Teresa Film Premiere

Wish I was in So. Cal. to see it tonight.

The video homage was designed to allow Mother Teresa, in effect, to narrate her state funeral. It provides a final stage from which to address faith.

"She discusses the nature of evil or sin as loss of the presence of God," Ann Petrie said. "She said as you have love in action, you have hatred in action and that is a great spiritual poverty."

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Holy Crap!

I did a Google web search for "catholic celebrities" and among the first results that pop up are links to sites that say "Catholic Celebrities Britney Spears Nude Daytona Beach Shots" and "Free Britney Spears Hot Mpegs Catholic Celebrities".

There are some seriously warped people out there.
Expect This Confused Teen to be a Poster Boy for the Gay Brownshirt Brigade

Teen sues Christian school for expelling him after he admits to being gay and refuses to seek counseling.

Karen Doering, an attorney with the National Center for Lesbian Rights in Tampa, agrees that the school did nothing illegal.

"Unfortunately, in the state of Florida, discrimination based on sexual orientation is not specifically prohibited by any law," Doering told the paper. "When it comes to public schools, it is clear the Constitution protects youth based on sexual orientation; however, that does not apply to private schools."

She must be referring to the Florida State Constitution (of which I know nothing about) because there is no specific protection afforded to individuals on the basis of sexual orientation in the U.S. Constitution. And no, Lawrence v. Texas did not just make practicing homosexuals into a protected class of persons.
Same Democrat Sh%#, Different Day

California Supreme Court Justice, and D.C. Court of Appeals Nominee, Janice Rogers Brown is conservative, pro-life, and Black. If you think Senate DemocRATS aren't going to resort to jingoistic lies and propaganda to derail her nomination, I've got some swamp land in Florida I'd like to sell you.
Typical Union Thuggery

In case you haven't heard or read, several supermarket unions throughout Southern California have gone on strike (technically, they've been "locked out"). As is pretty typical of unions when they picket, two members have been arrested for allegedly beating a replacement worker with basball bat.

What is it with these thugs, and why is it that unions are even necessary anymore with all the legal protections that employees have against "exploitation"? I'm telling you, the only people who benefit from unions these days are the elitest/communistic mafiosos who run them, and not the common rank and file members or those employees who are forced to pay non-member "fair-share" fees.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The Job Has Its Funny Moments

As an attorney who, for the remaining 2 1/2 months at least, primarily focuses on defending religious liberties, I get contacted by a good number conspiracy kooks. The most recent contact was from some guy who claims that the Dalai Lama and practioners of Buddhism were responsible for 9/11, and not the Islamic terrorists who were apparently under their insidious control. I'm not making this up. The guy's explanation for how the DL and Buddhists manipulated the terrorists is a bit unclear, but it has something to do with a mixture of sand and urine and them throwing it into the Potomac River. Anyway, whenever I get these kind of calls or e-mails, I'm reminded of how thankful to God I should be on the vocation that He has inspired me to pursue. Really.
If it Doesn't Have a Kung-Fu Grip, it's a Doll

Just in time for Christmas, the Ann Coulter Talking "Action Figure" is now available for purchase!
NOW Goes Apoplectic Over Federal PBA Ban

Looks like someone has been taking courses in propaganda from our old friend Baghdad Bob.

"Try as you might, you won't find the term 'partial birth abortion' in any medical dictionary. That's because it doesn't exist in the medical world—-it's a fabrication of the anti-choice machine," [NOW President Kim] Gandy said.
TV Movie About Ronald Reagan to Air on CBS

And starring as the former President is...Mr. Barbara Streisand (James Brolin). With that in mind, it would seem the odds of pigs gaining the ability to fly are better than this movie being accurate, or even objective.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Why is This News?

Maybe the "objective" media is just happy that Moloch is ready and willing to fight the impending ban on one type of baby butchery.

Passage of the legislation will end a long congressional battle that began in 1995 when Republicans gained control of both the House and Senate and used the debate as a way to place Democratic abortion rights lawmakers on the defensive. Former President Clinton vetoed two measures, arguing they were unconstitutional, and a third attempt to enact legislation was thwarted when Democrats gained control of the Senate midway through 2001.

Yet the triumph of abortion foes in Congress will also trigger a new phase in the larger war.

The Center for Reproductive Rights, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood are all poised to file suits challenging the ban in scattered locations, possibly even before the president has time to sign the legislation.

A fourth group, NARAL Pro-Choice America, intends to go after the president politically with television commercials in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first-in-the-nation caucus and primary states of the 2004 presidential campaign.
Witchhunt at RWU

A university named after the effective founder of the Baptist Church in the United States shuts down a conservative student-run newspaper that dared to accuse the school of supporting anti-religious policies.

The story begins in August, when the university sponsored two speakers under the ostensible banner of diversity. As things turned out, the speakers, Judy Shepard, mother of slain homosexual Mathew Shepard, and James Dale, a gay man kicked out of the Boy Scouts, were interested in anything but diversity. Instead, the speakers took the occasion to denounce organized religion and cast aspersion upon President Bush’s demonstrable commitment to civil rights.

“Churches are damaging us as a society,” Shepard explained in a mandatory speech to freshmen during Welcome Week. “They don’t allow us to grow,” she continued. Students expecting a talk focusing exclusively on the evils of homophobia—what we would expect from Shepard—were unpleasantly surprised by Shepard’s tirade against churches.
Ninth Circuit Reversed Yet Again

SCOTUS vindicates a lawyer who had characterized his own client as a "stinking thief jailbird" during trial.

The high court reinstated a conviction in the case of Lionel Gentry, a California man convicted of stabbing his pregnant, drug-addicted girlfriend during an argument.

"To be sure, Gentry's lawyer was no Aristotle, or even Clarence Darrow," the court wrote in a short, unsigned opinion.

Still, the lawyer's choice of words or strategy did not rise to the level of harming his client, the court said. The lawyer may have had good tactical reasons for presenting the case the way he did, the high court added.

"By candidly acknowledging his client's shortcomings, counsel might have built credibility with the jury and persuaded it to focus on the relevant issue in the case," the court said.

A bit of an overrationalization by the Court if you ask me, but the decision does seem to be correct.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Render Unto Caesar

Bill Pryor responds to criticisms of his role in the removal of the Ten Commandments monument in Alabama.

Now that the monument has been removed, the media and demonstrators have returned home, and the shouting has subsided, I want to state a respectful and complete response to these arguments. I believe I had a moral duty, as a Christian, to obey the federal injunction. There was no moral justification for civil disobedience.

My oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, sworn to God with my hand on the Bible, required me, as attorney general of Alabama, to obey the injunction without regard to whether I agreed with the basis for that injunction. My moral duty was not in conflict nor even in tension with my legal duty. My Christian duty instead provided the foundation for my public duty.