Friday, November 14, 2003

Good Grief!

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This is a good image and story to bear in mind whenever you might think that the rich and famous have it all and are never unhappy. On the contray, they probably tend to be more miserable than the poorest person in Calcutta.
It's Not a Democracy!

Although I think it's utterly stupid and reflects a level of ignorance on what the Church is, I can sort of see why non-Catholic Americans would ever conduct a job approval rating poll for Church Bishops. However, for professed Catholics (lay or religious) to be commissioning such polls is, in my opinion, inexcusable because it politicizes doctrine and foments dissent within the Church.
The Kids Aren't Alright

So I'm watching the game show Jeopardy again last night, and all three contestants are college kids (one from Carleton College, one from Middlebury College, and one from UC Berkeley) who are competing in a special tournament. Under the category of Yale Graduates, the "answer" was a U.S. Supreme Court Justice who is of African-American descent. Since in the entire history of the Supreme Court there have only been two black Justices, you'd think at least one of these presumably well informed students would have been able to wrongly answer "Who is Thurgood Marshall?" (The right answer, of course, is Clarence Thomas). Well, not only did only one of the three contestants chime in to give an answer before the buzzer (and it wasn't the UC Berkeley student) the answer this guy gave was "Who is Antonin Scalia?" Needless to say, I fell out of my chair hysterically laughing.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

So Much for Protestant Iconoclasm

You know it isn't Catholic when the group feels the need to publish a
Statement of Faith. (picture found via Mark Shea.)
Homo Apoplexy

Gay activists express revulsion over Gov. Bush's joking comment that it might be a good thing San Franciscans, many of whom are gay of course, are an endangered species.

"It's extremely insulting," AP quotes Matt Foreman, the head of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, as saying. "But of course I would say that gay people in Florida are far more endangered than gay people in California."

They have a "Task Force." Marching Gay Brownshirts indeed.
Christmas Gift Suggestions

This year, I was thinking of giving books to my associates at work who are all Protestant. One book I was thinking of giving is "Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II" by George Weigel. Other books I've considered include "The New Faithful: Why Young Adults are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy" and "Open Embrace: A Protestant Couple Rethinks Contraception."

Since none of my associates are at a place in their faith journey that they would consider looking at or reading a book that challenges their underlying Protestant beliefs (e.g., sola scriptura) I'm a little hesitant to give anything dealing in straight, no nonsense Catholic apologetics. So if you have any books to suggest, please avoid passing along any titles that read something along the lines of "Evangelicalism is not Enough" or "Attacks on Catholicism by 'Bible Believing' Fundamentalists."
No More Moore

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore is kicked off the court for defying a federal court order to remove a Ten Commandments display.

I certainly feel bad for the guy, because I think his heart was in the right place. But even if the federal court's order lacked legal justification (which I believe it does) Justice Moore still had an obligation to comply with it until all appeals were exhausted. And no, this situation is nowhere near the same as racial segregation in the South.

Update: Here's a link to the opinion removing Judge Moore from the bench. While driving back to the office from lunch, I heard Americans United for Separation of Church and State head idiot Barry Lynn comment on the radio that Judge Moore lost his job because he decided to take religion into politics. Too bad that's the exact opposite of what the decision says.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Funny Celebrity Golf Term

The "Rock Hudson." Your shot, or put, looks straight, but it's really crooked (i.e., it's not straight).
WMDs and the Show "24"

So far this season, the theme of the Fox Television show "24" has focused on the pursuit of a teenager in Los Angeles who is being used as a pawn and has been infected with a deadly virus by big time Mexican drug dealers who want to break their head honcho out of prison. The virus in the kid's body is still dormant, but once its released into the air, estimates are that up to 20 percent of the population of Los Angeles will be killed within a week.

Now I know "24" is pure fiction, but the show does provide some illuminating insight regarding the justification for the war in Iraq, and our current "failure" to find any WMDs there. First of all, it is well worth noting and repeating that prior to the war, no one, not even France and Germany, ever denied that Saddam Hussein had chemical WMDs, and that he had defiantly failed to account for all of them. Second, given the fact that even a small pocket-sized vial of a manufactured virus has the capacity to kill several thousand people within a short amount of time, it should not be surprising that no WMDs have yet to be found in a country that is as big as California. Indeed, given the ease by which these chemicals can be hidden and transported, I wouldn't be totally surprised that chemical weapons may never be found in Iraq. However, the evidence indisputably shows that they were there, and that giving Saddam more time to come clean with them would have been pure folly and against our better interests. On this basis, I maintain my position that the war in Iraq was just, and that President Bush should not feel pressured to admit that any mistake was made or that the course of action he took was wrong.
Uh, Maybe it was Just a Bureaucratic Mistake?

Pro-homo church is "baffled" by a praising letter it received from President Bush after he proclaimed the establishment of "Marriage Protection Week."
In the Realm of Reality and Existence, Jesus Christ Wasn't

That's essentially one of the claims being made by New York Schools as a justification for their policy of banning Christmas nativity displays. Of course, I'm sure New York is consistent and also prohibits schools from having equally egregious and unhistorical Christmas displays of Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Statement Against Same-Sex Unions Proposed

Could U.S. Bishops actually be "stepping up" and showing some cojones? If they do, expect Andrew Sullivan to go into total meltdown mode.
Considering Whether to Recommend

That's what the U.S. Bishops apparently expressed yesterday in regard to the imposition of sanctions on politicians who support abortion rights and the death penalty. In the meantime, they've got more important things to tend to like making sure they have accurate statistics on farm job injuries and a clear position on the humane slaughtering of farm animals.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Judge Draws Heat for Black Man Halloween Costume

Strange how the NAACP gets mad over this, but remains silent whenever Eddie Murphy dresses up and caricatures caucasions, and more specifically, Jews (see old eps of Saturday Night Live and the movie "Coming to America").

Judge Timothy C. Ellender, a state district judge in Terrebonne Parish, has acknowledged that he wore the costume, including an "afro" wig, but said it was a harmless joke. "It's a tempest in a teapot," he told The Courier of Houma.

Ellender did not immediately return a call for comment on Monday.

Jerome Boykin, president of the NAACP's Terrebonne Parish branch, said Monday that Ellender's costume stereotyped blacks as criminals and convicts.

"For a judge to take the time to paint his face black with shoe polish, put on an afro wig, a prison jumpsuit and shackles ... and walk around in public, I feel he ain't fit to be a judge," Boykin said.

BTW, I was watched something called "Hollywood Uncensored" on the E! Channel over the weekend, and it seems that actor Kelsey Grammer thought it would be neat to dress up like a priest at a Holloween party held at the Playboy mansion. It's a good thing I already avoid watching the show "Frasier," otherwise I'd boycott it.
Best Law School in Michigan

The relatively new, and very Catholic, Ave Maria School of Law outdoes all Michigan law schools on the Michigan bar exam.

Twenty-six of the 28 Ave Maria graduates -- 93 percent -- passed. Among first-time test takers, the University of Michigan Law School was second at 90 percent.

The passing rate for all first-timers on the Michigan Bar exam was 75 percent. Among all test takers, the statewide average for passing was 68 percent.

And lest you think that Ave Maria can't really be compared to U of M because the latter has more students, bear in mind that U of M only had 12 more people than Ave Maria taking the exam for the first time.
So Much for Sola Scriptura

In a paradoxical (or hypocritical?) exercise of papal-like authority, noted Evangelical Protestant minister John MacArthur "excommunicates" the Episcopalian Church over its decisions to consecrate an openly homosexual bishop and allow same sex unions to be blessed. (link via Envoy Encore)

"This is not the true Church. Their theology is aberrant, their conduct is aberrant, and they engage themselves in things that are utterly ungodly and unbiblical," MacArthur says. "I think you have to see it as the church of Anti-Christ -- and why would a believer want to be a part of the church of Anti-Christ?"