Saturday, June 24, 2006

Well That's Weird

I don't know why, but for some reason the font size and style for the com-box links aren't entirely consistent. Ah well. If it doesn't baddah you, it doesn't baddah me.

Update: OK, it seems to depend on the browser I'm using. It's all consistent with Explorer but not Firefox.
The Devil Won't Let Me Do It!

That's the excuse put forth by one congressional hopeful in Utah. I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict that this guy isn't going to win.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Kelo Be Damned!

President Bush issues an Executive Order to prevent the Federal Government from taking private property through eminent domain and giving it to a private developer under the pretext that doing so will increase tax revenues.
Coming to You in 2007

No, not Brokeback Mountain II. Wyoming Catholic College.
How to Get Banned from Catholic Match

Yes, I have been a member of this singles site for a while, which is why I haven't really been posting anything on here on a consistent basis. And actually, the title to this post is a little inaccurate in that it should be "How to Get Banned from the Discussion Forums on Catholic Match." But since that title is a little too long, I went with the above.

Anyhow, there's a discussion forum on Catholic Match devoted to politics, and I naturally posted comments on there quite frequently. Once in a while when I would see a really idiotic or inflammatory post that someone wrote, I'd respond accordingly. Well, that didn't always sit well with the Gestapo administrators at Catholic Match, so I would occasionally get these warnings about being "mean" to people and to cut it out.

I suppose I got enough of these warnings to where I was in someone's sh!t house at Catholic Match, because I was recently banned for life from its discussion forums for using the following two sentences in response to two separate posted comments by the same person:

1. Well, that certainly explains a lot.

2. Spare me your faux indignation and self-righteousness.

That's it. Talk about your hyper-punitive 3-strikes law that results in someone getting 25 years to life for stealing a pizza!!

In any event, my paid membership with Catholic Match is just about up, and this hanging judge decision by the administrators to forever prevent me from having full access to the site has pretty much convinced me not to renew.

Update(6/26): Well, after making an appeal, it seems as though my permanent ban has been lifted. Thanks Dan, and pay no attention to that Gestapo remark above.
Don't Call It a Comeback!

Well, I sort of guess it is. Anyway, expect more consistent updates. Or so I say...