Saturday, February 12, 2005

Buckley Jumps the Shark

It's one thing to hold the opinion that John Paul II in no longer effective and should resign from the papacy, but to actually pray for his death in order to have a new pope is just plain nuts.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Still Around

Just really haven't had an opportunity to post anything lately. Almost all this week, I was preparing documents and trading nasty phone calls with a jerk-wad opposing attorney for a case that was set trial on Monday, but now has pretty much gone away because the parties yesterday agreed on a settlement where nobody gets anything.

Since I'm still kind of new at litigation, it's taking me a heck of a long time to put together a pleading that a more seasoned attorney could probably do in an hour or two. Yeah, I know there's a normal learning process, but man is it discouraging.

Anyway, still hoping that things will start to settle down so that I can more regularly update the blog.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Update On Me

Things have been kind of busy the past couple of weeks, what with the new job and all. For the first time in my relatively brief career as a civil litigator, I "argued" my first motion last Thursday. Inside legal speak: The motion was specially set on an ex parte application, so there wasn't any kind of tentative ruling from the judge, as is the usual practice here in California. Needless to say, my performance was less than stellar as there were some comments made by opposing counsel that I probably should have made a rebuttal to but didn't, and I had overlooked some details that I didn't realize I overlooked until after the hearing was over. Based on the moving papers that I submitted, it seemed as though the judge was pretty much on our side, but now I don't know.

Other than experiencing the growing pains of being a "young" lawyer, I'm still looking for a permanent place to live down here in the OC. Rents are so ridiculously high that I've decided I'd be better off buying a condo.

Anyway, that's the latest on me. I'm hoping things will settle down in the next few weeks so that I can regularly update this blog.