Saturday, October 19, 2002

Just for fun, I went to this people search engine and discovered there are at least 12 other men in America who share my name. The only problem with this search engine is that it has me listed in a city I haven't lived in for almost two years. Ah well...

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Just to make it clear, meditation on a specific set of mysteries should be done on the following days: Monday and Saturday, and Sundays from Advent to Lent (Joyful Mysteries); Tuesday and Friday, and Sundays from Lent to Easter (Sorrowful Mysteries); Wednesday and Sundays from Easter to Advent (Glorious Mysteries); Thursday (Luminous Mysteries). Got that?
Don't look for mandatory U.S. Sugeon General's warnings to appear on the informational packets ofGay-Lesbian Student Alliance clubs anytime soon.

Monday, October 14, 2002

Congregationalist Protestants or faithful Catholics? I tend to think they are the former more than the latter.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Protestant Bible smugglers in China risk their lives for God. Although I find the work of these overseas missionaries to be admirable, this article inadvertantly exposes the intrinsic problems that Protestantism (via the principle of sola scriptura) has caused and perpetuates -- e.g., lack of theological cohesion and doctrinal confusion.

"Lee’s most important book is his 'Recovery Version' of the New Testament, a densely annotated edition with a translation that he said is faithful to the original Greek. Footnotes and cross-references more than double the size of this Bible, first published in English in 1985 and in Chinese in 1987."

"In a footnote to the Book of Romans, for example, Lee writes that true Christians are like Christ – 'they have both humanity and divinity.' Critics say this demeans Jesus.

Others cite comments in which Lee seemed to urge people to pray in his name, a practice Lee denounced.

'I have heard that some of you worship me as God and address me as Lord,' he wrote in 1991. 'I am deeply troubled by this. According to the teaching of the Bible, you shall never worship any man as God.'"