Friday, August 18, 2006

Sometimes Republicans Make a Wrong Choice

But I've yet to see in my lifetime one elected Democrat executive appoint a competent, non-politicized judge. Carter appointee Judge Anna Diggs Taylor is just the latest example of why electing a Democrat basically means making the judiciary into a super legislature. Her ruling on the Bush Administration's NSA intercept program is so bad and political, it makes otherwise sympathetic liberals cringe, as noted here and here.
Same State Court, but Different System

My first, and probably last, encounter with the Fresno County Family Court has been interesting. Apparently, Fresno County segregates family law cases where the parties are in pro per (i.e., not being represented by an attorney). Hearings for such cases are heard by a rotating panel of temporary judges and commissioners, and they are held on Fridays in a courtroom that is normally used for small claims actions. In short, in pro per family law cases in Fresno County seem to almost be treated like, well, small claims cases. I'm not saying whether it's bad or good. Just different.
An Illustration of the Paradox that is Evangelical Christianity

An interesting article here about the near unanimous embrace of artificial contraception by Evangelicals who, I think, are normally against the legal right to abortion. (link via Open Book)

Now, of course, a good majority of my fellow Catholics in the United States probably also embrace the "contraceptive culture." While this is certainly distressing, the fact that the institutional Church remains steadfast in holding an opposing position certainly says something about how much value the Church places upon things it regards as enduring and transcendent truth. No amount of "evolving attitudes" in society will sway her to change. This, in my view, is one of the significant distinctions between Evangelical Prostestantism and Catholicism. An Evangelical Protestant (or "mere" Christian) is still an Evangelical Protestant if he dissents from what, say, the Evangelical Free Church of America believes and teaches about contraception. Indeed, it is more than likely that an Evangelical "church" will change or conform its beliefs to those of its members or potential members (i.e., so-called "seekers"). A Catholic, however, has effectively ceased being Catholic if he dissents from what the instituional Church teaches.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yes, Popes Can Be Wrong

When not speaking ex cathedra and on matters outside of the faith. (link via Open Book) Pat Buchanan and his ilk must be jumping for joy over Benedict's seeming "belief" that war brings no good to anyone, including the victors . And don't think for a moment that they won't try to make Benedict's misguided ruminations into an article of faith that Catholics are bound to abide by.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Go to Mass Tuesday!!

More of a reminder to myself than anything else. But if it helps you out too, great!