Friday, February 07, 2003

It's So Hard to Find Good Help These Days

Sacramento "Handshake Man" slips by security to give President Bush a "message from God."
More Proof that a Little Knowledge (and Hubris) Can be Very Dangerous

A high schooler sues to get an "A" grade changed to an "A+" so as to increase his chances of becoming valedictorian.
"If You're Gonna Bomb the Jews, Make Sure You Avoid Killing Any Animals!"

PETA is much ticked because Yasser Arafat sponsored a bombing in the West Bank that resulted in the death of a... donkey.
Dubious Objection or Consistent with Church Doctrine?

North Dakota Bishops oppose proposed state law to criminalize abortion.

In response to a letter from [pro-life activist] Attorney [Peter] Crary requesting support for the bill, Christopher Dodson, Executive Director of the North Dakota Catholic Conference, stated that the bill was unacceptable to the Bishops because it holds culpable the woman who intentionally procures an abortion. “[C]riminalizing the woman,” Mr. Dodson explained, “serves no legitimate purpose[.]”

Mr. Dodson further indicated that even were the proposed legislation to grant the mother legal immunity for killing her own child, it still would not pass muster with the Catholic Bishops of North Dakota because it lacked “a realistic possibility of withstanding constitutional scrutiny.”

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Lord, Help Him

"I am Peter Pan," [Michael Jackson] says in a soft, fluttery whisper belied by the 5 o'clock shadow creeping up his cheeks.
In Honor of Prez. Reagan's Birthday: There They Go Again!

Senate Dems will filibuster Estrada nomination; fatboy Kennedy asserts nominee is "short-tempered".

From what I've heard, even though Estrada is considered to be conservative, he did come out in support of applying the RICO statutes against pro-life demonstrators. I'd appreciate it if anyone can confirm this.
Fence-Post Mary Apparition in Australia

Somehow, I don't think Rome will be designating this as being worthy of belief. I mean, geez, the only way you can make anything out is by standing 1,000 feet away and being near sighted.
Student at Ave Maria College Loses Public Financial Aid Because of Theology Major

This story is almost a carbon copy of Davey v. Locke, a case that went all the way up to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals last year. Despite the general looniness of the 9th Circuit, the student actually won this important religious liberty case.

Interestingly enough, the Davey case involved a state statute that has its roots in early 20th century American anti-Catholic sentiment. Commonly referred to as a "Blaine Amendment", several states not only have this statute, its application has been expanded beyond targeting the Catholic Church to anything that is Christian.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Buddha U.

What would be more strange than a Newman Center on the campus of good 'ol Bob Jones University? How about a Newman Center on the campus of a Buddhist college like Soka University in Aliso Viejo, CA? Heck, I find it kind of wierd that there's even a Buddhist university in this country. I wonder if there are any beds in the dormitories, or do students just sleep on the floor while sitting in the lotus position? Ohmmmmmmm...
Pee Wee Herman Probably Could Have Used This

Japanese scientist invents a rain coat that makes the wearer invisible.
Gov. Davis Recall Effort Reemerges

Who knows, maybe it will go somewhere this time.

The talk of recall comes after voters in November begrudgingly re-elected the Democratic governor -- by a scant 5 percent margin -- despite an aggressive campaign against Bill Simon, a relatively unknown Republican opponent.

Election Day proved what opinion polls had long surmised: Davis had not recovered from a steep decline in his popularity during the rolling power blackouts of 2001 and failed to win back many in his own party.

Now, Davis is considered more politically vulnerable as he unveils his plans to fill a budget shortfall estimated at between $26 billion and $35 billion over the next 17 months.
Well Now We Know For Sure He's Guilty

Phil Spector hires O.J. "Dream Teamer" Robert Shapiro to defend him on murder charges.

Interesting Catholic sidenote: Robert Shapiro got his law degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

'80's Has-Been Alert!

To tell you the truth, I'm suprised the "Poorman" is even still alive.
The Right Choice: Catholic University Bookstore Cancels Speaking Appearance by Pro-Abort Politician

All is not lost among the nation's youth -- especially among Catholics.

Sean McConeghy, a 21-year-old senior from Staten Island, N.Y., said he was startled to learn last week that [Eleanor Holmes]Norton was scheduled to visit campus. After complaining unsuccessfully to the president's office, he asked members of the College Republicans and Students for Life to join him in complaining to the bookstore.

"This is nothing specifically against Ms. Norton. It's against the viewpoint," he said. "We felt that giving someone with those viewpoints a forum on this campus would not be in keeping with the principles for which we stand."
Video at Lincoln Memorial Suggests 16th Prez Would Have Been Pro-Homo and Pro-Abort

Incredibly doubtful if you ask me, but some ill-formed minds of the teenaged variety are apparently being sucked into this bit of tax-funded propaganda and drivel.

"I liked it... I think [Lincoln] would have [supported homosexual and abortion rights] because that's how Lincoln was; he was very supportive of the people. He didn't care who you are and what you are, he loved everybody," said Elizabeth Baksi, a high school student from Houma, La., after viewing the video.

Monday, February 03, 2003

Paging Tom Cruise...

New Vatican document analyzes and critiques the New Age movement.

When presenting the document to the press today, Cardinal Paul Poupard, president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, said that "the New Age phenomenon, along with many other new religious movements, is one of the most urgent challenges for the Christian faith."

"It is a religious challenge and, at the same time, a cultural challenge," he said. With its doctrines on God, man and the world, which are "incompatible with the Christian faith," the New Age "is at the same time symptom of a culture in profound crisis and a mistaken answer to the present situation of crisis," Cardinal Poupard said.

Time for change?

I can't seem to get this stupid template to keep my archives updated. Ah well, I've gotta to get around to changing my links anyway (what with Amy Welborn shutting down her 'blog down).
More Catholic than we think?

In addition to being sincere and consoling, President Bush's announcement of the Space Shuttle tragedy appears to have given us a slight glimpse into his underlying theological beliefs. At the end of his address, Pres. Bush said "...we can pray that they [the crew of the Columbia] make it home." Not everyone on the Columbia, of course, was Christian. Ask most Fundamentalist or Evangelical Protestants what they think the eternal destiny of the these non-Christians are, and they will probably tell you Hell. For the President, however, he seems to think that God is merciful enough to save those who, through no fault of their own, have never professed faith in Him or Christ. Not bad for a Methodist. I wonder if brother Jeb (who is Catholic) is rubbing off on him.