Saturday, March 06, 2004

I Just Knew It!

Right Wing News reports that almost all of the family members of 9/11 victims who publicly criticized President Bush in the media for making an unspoken reference to 9/11 in a television campaign ad have political axes to grind.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Not Exculpating Jews From Christ's Crucifixion and Death is Anti-Semitic...

...but it's still A-OK to directly slam Catholics in the name of "art".

A federal judge in Kansas ruled a university's prominent display of a sculpture that mocks the Catholic faith did not violate the Constitution.

Washburn University's sculpture, entitled "Holier than Thou," depicts a Roman Catholic bishop with a grotesque facial expression wearing a miter that resembles a phallus. The Topeka school's Campus Beautification Committee selected the display to help fulfill its goal of having "one of the most beautiful campuses in Kansas."

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Roe Almost Overturned in Casey Decision

According to the unsealed records of the late Justice Harry Blackmun, Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is Catholic by the way, literally changed his mind at the last minute.

The case was argued in April and Rehnquist was at work on his majority ruling, when Kennedy sent a note to Blackmun, NPR reported.

"I need to see you as soon as you have a few moments," the note read. "I want to tell you about a new development in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. It should come as welcome news."

Blackmun picked up a pink memo pad and scribbled, "Roe Sound," The New York Times reported Thursday.
It's Criminal Fraud, Stupid!

Candidate for a PA Attorney General says he would arrest anyone associated with same-sex weddings. ACLU feigns concern over the "meanspiritedness" of his position.

"Should you, as clerk of the Orphan's Court, permit to be issued a marriage license to a gay or lesbian couple, you and your office would potentially face criminal liability," Castor wrote.

He also stated homosexual couples "holding themselves out to be married ... are possibly committing frauds actionable by criminal prosecution," the paper reported.

Castor noted those issuing or seeking same-sex marriage certificates could face a misdemeanor charge of obstructing administration of law or other governmental function.

The director of legal affairs for the American Civil Liberties Union says he's disturbed the issue of same-sex marriages is moving into the criminal arena.

"The real question is why he needs to throw out a threat of criminal prosecution," Larry Frankel told the Inquirer. "Let's have a civil debate about whether we should have gay marriages, rather than involving the heavy hand of the criminal-justice system."

Larry Frankel, of course, is probably just as concerned with the heavy handed legal tactics that are used against public school students who desire to share and express their religious beliefs, Ten Commandments displays and Judge Roy Moore. (Crickets chirping).

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The Fresnan Wins

Although, technically, I suppose California Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Bill Jones is a Coalingan. PS Bradley must be proud.

(BTW, is it me or does Jones physically look like Al Gore?)

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Compare and Contrast

I haven't had the patience to do this yet, but if anyone is up to it, read Catholic Charities of Sacramento v. Superior Court and Silo v. Catholic Health West (registration required), and try to reconcile how the California Supreme Court can say that Catholic Health West is an exempt religious institution but Catholic Charities isn't.
Many Blacks Not on the "Gay Marriage" Bus

Including, it seems, Mr. Shakedown himself, Jesse Jackson.

"We find the gay community's attempt to tie their pursuit of special rights based on their behavior to the civil rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s abhorrent," Bishop Andrew Merritt of Straight Gate Ministries and several other Detroit pastors said recently in a statement supporting traditional marriage. "Being black is not a lifestyle choice."
Ahnold Not Against Gurly-Mon "Marriages"

I say we recall him and replace him with Mel.

Throughout his public life, Schwarzenegger's views on gays and lesbians usually have been more libertarian than conservative. He once told an interviewer, "When it comes to sex, I don't care what your (thing) is" and compared discrimination against gays to discrimination against bodybuilders.
Primary Day

If you're a California registered voter, don't forget to go out and vote today. As a Republican, I'll be voting for Howard Kaloogian to run against the evil U.S. Senator from Marin County Barbara Boxer. Except for Prop. 58, vote "no" on everything.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Pot Calling Kettle Black

Chappaquiddick Boy expresses his belief that Bush may have acted unconstitutionally in his recess appointment of Bill Pryor. This coming from a guy who has conspired to unconstitutionally require 60 votes to confirm a judicial appointment.

At issue is whether the 10-day period when Congress was away constituted a “recess” in which such appointments are provided for in the Constitution.

Some constitutional scholars believe that the Founding Fathers may have been referring to the far lengthier recess periods that occur between sessions and Congresses. Recesses lasting many months were common in the early days of the Republic, before the advent of mid-session breaks.
Cali Supremes Slam Catholic Charities

The state high court rules that religious affiliated non-profit groups must include contraception with employee health benefits.

The 6-1 decision by the California Supreme Court, the highest such ruling to date nationwide, could reach far beyond the 183 full-time charity employees. It also could affect thousands of workers at Catholic hospitals and other church-backed institutes throughout the state.

The high court said Catholic Charities is no different than other businesses in California, which is one of 20 states that require company-provided health plans to include contraception coverage. In California, "religious employers" such as churches are exempt from the requirement.

As I see it, there are good and bad things to this decision. The good part is that in order to fall under the religious exemption, it might force Church affiliated organizations to be more observant of Catholic teachings. (It's my understanding, for instance, that there are many Catholic Charities in the state that make contraception available to the general public and are resistent to criticizing sexually immoral behavior). The bad part, of course, is that religious affiliated charities must not only compromise their stated beliefs in order to do business in the state, the effect pf the Court's decision will probably deter new charitable organizations from even forming.

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Christ Crucified: A Stumbling Block for Jews and an Absurdity to Gentiles

Such appears to be the common reasons for most of the negative media reviews on The Passion.

How one sees the movie the Passion, depends on whether one has the light of faith or not. Someone of one mind and heart would see something as white, and someone of another mind and heart would see the same thing as black. Take the Catholic Church as example. Many people see it as the most despicable thing on earth. For the heart in the state of God's favor, on the other hand, the Catholic Church is the most beautiful thing on earth.
Pope Can't Say Christianity is a Superior Religion

So says an Italian Muslim activist who has filed a civil lawsuit against the Holy Father.

In his latest legal bid, Smith said comments by Pope John Paul II and other church officials over the years have violated the Italian constitution, which proclaims all religions are equal under the law. Italy is officially secular, but largely Roman Catholic.

In the lawsuit, Smith cited a passage of John Paul's 1994 book Crossing the Threshold of Hope in which the pope writes that the "richness of God's self-revelation" in the Bible's Old and New Testament's has been "set aside" in Islam.

The suit also cites comments by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, head of the Vatican's orthodoxy watchdog, who in a 2000 document said the faithful of other religions were in a "gravely deficient situation" concerning their salvation, compared to Catholics.

And he cited comments by the retired archbishop of Bologna, Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, who in 2000 urged Italy to favour Catholic immigrants over Muslims to "save the nation's identity" against "Islam's ideological attack."

"All of this constitutes offence, injury and insult for all those who peacefully practice the Islamic religion, in addition to defamation and incitation to racial and religious hatred," according to a copy of the lawsuit Smith sent to news organisations.

Hey, if our courts can seriously consider some crank's objection to including the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, the odds that the Italian courts will entertain this goofball's lawsuit have to be pretty good.