Friday, January 16, 2004

More Proof That Liberals Only Apply the Establishment Clause to Christianity

A loopy Assemblyman from San Francisco (natch) proposes including the principles of Feng Shui into the California State Building Code. No condemnatory press releases from the ACLU spotted.
The State of American Evangelicalism

Chuck Colson ruminates on the observation that Protestant Evangelical faith communities have effectively succombed to mainstream American Culture.

God forbid that we should ever become part of the mainstream. By our very character, living in a sinful world, we’re called to be countercultural, a force for moral change.

Now, in one way, of course, we always have to be part of mainstream society in the sense that God has put us in this country. We’re called to be good citizens and good neighbors. We are not somewhere out on the fringes. Jesus made it clear that we are to be “in the world.” What He told us not to do is be “of the world.”

God Bless Chuck C. It's just a shame his admonitions will never come to full fruition for Protestantism so long as there is an overriding refusal among its adherents to recognize and submit to a visible and universal teaching authority.
Why Inbreeding Must Remain Illegal

If you ever had any doubt about the rabid hostility and unintelligible bigotry that San Francisco liberals have toward people of traditional Christian (not Islamic, Jewish, or Buddhist) faith, follow this link.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

If Bush is Dumb...

...then Al Gore is downright retarded.

Dennis Kucinich, though, still takes the "Dumbo Award" for trying to use a pie chart during a radio debate.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Mothers Can Kill Their Children Anytime They Damn Well Feel Like It

That at least seems to be the most logical conclusion of the following inanity from presidential hopeful, Wesley Clark:

"Life," Mr. Clark said in an interview with the Manchester Union Leader in New Hampshire last week "begins with the mother's decision."
Bible as Literature Initiative in California

Not just any Bible translation, of course, but the KJV Bible. I think I would be more enthusiastic about this if there was a guarantee that the "textbooks" included the Deuterocanonicals.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Calling on the Church Militant in Mass.

Catholic lawyers and judges in Boston are urged by Archbishop O'Malley to fight against "gay marriages."

"We cannot afford to be asleep at the switch. We cannot afford to run for cover. Today, at this Red Mass, I call on you, our Catholic lawyers and jurists, to live your baptismal commitment," O'Malley said. "Your baptism and your profession invest you with a great responsibility. Use your wisdom to defend the truth, to defend marriage. Do it with a passion and do what is right."