Thursday, August 12, 2004


California Supremes void all the "marriages" authorized by San Francisco Dictator Mayor Gavin Newsome. Next up: whether California's Defense of Marriage Act law is consistent with the state constitution.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

People Who Obviously Have Plenty of Disposable Income and Time on Their Hands

Bay Area liberal leftists prepare to head to New York to protest the GOP convention.

On the night before the convention, some activists will don Mickey Mouse ears and confront Republican delegates as they head into the "Disneyfied" theater district. Throughout the week, others will be shadowing delegates as they party everywhere from the Tavern on the Green restaurant to Tiffany's to a luncheon honoring House Speaker Dennis Hastert's wife at the Central Park Boathouse.

What a bunch of freakin' losers.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Chief Justice Thomas?

I like it. I like it a lot. Thomas is "young" (56), a constitutional constructionist (more so than Scalia, who will occasionally traipse into libertarianism), and Catholic. A winning combination if ever there was one.

Clarence Thomas has been interviewed by White House lawyers as a possible choice to be the next chief justice of the United States, says the author of a new biography.

Thomas says he isn't interested but could find it hard to turn down an opportunity to be the first black man to lead the Supreme Court, said biographer Ken Foskett.

"Judging Thomas," out this week from William Morrow, traces Thomas' life from rough beginnings in rural Georgia, through Yale Law School to his life today.

Thomas initially refused Foskett's request for interviews, but later spoke to the author both on and off the record.

Thomas likes NASCAR and football, plays a fierce game of basketball and during the court's summer recess tours the nation in a 40-foot mobile home decorated with orange flames, Foskett wrote.

One of 2 Million Reasons Why I Despise the American Bar Association

And will never become a member of this organization as long as they keep doing garbage like this.

Judges are on the front line of battles over legal rights for same-sex couples and should never belong to an organization that discriminates against gays, supporters of a proposed change to American Bar Association ethics rules argued Friday.

Judges are already prohibited from joining clubs that discriminate based on race or sex. An ABA panel is debating whether to make groups that discriminate against gays off limits as well.

The ABA, the nation's largest lawyers' group with more than 400,000 members, writes conduct rules for judges and lawyers. States and federal courts generally adopt them, with some changes.

It is not known how many judges participate in groups such as the Boy Scouts that have policies against hiring gays or having homosexual leaders, or some veterans groups that restrict membership to heterosexuals.

The ABA held an all-day public hearing Friday on proposed judicial ethics changes during the association's summer meeting, which runs through Tuesday. Rules on gifts judges may accept and judges' involvement in fund-raisers may also be changed. The ABA is not expected to vote on any changes until next year. It would be the first overhaul of the rules in more than a decade, and any changes eventually could affect thousands of judges.

Update: Yet more ABA shenanigans. Now they want to support government sponsored discrimination against religious (i.e., Catholic) hospitals. Jerks.