Saturday, October 11, 2008

D'oh Leppard

Hook 'Em Up!

A few days ago, a fairly unique proposal was made that all candidates for an Indiana congressional seat be hooked up to a lie detector during their next debate on October 21. Both the Republican and Libertarian candidates agreed to the proposal, but the incumbent Democrat, by way of his congressional district chairman, declined.

Personally, I think subjecting political candidates for office to a polygraph test while they are "debating" is a great idea. Hairplugs Biden would surely fail. Then again, Biden seems to have gotten so skilled at deluding himself that I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he beat a polygraph test because he actually believed the lies he was spewing were true.

Why an Obama Presidency Should be Feared

Let's hope John McCain listened to or read this particular portion of an excellent speech by his running mate in Johnstown, PA today:
In this same spirit, as defenders of the culture of life, John McCain and I believe in the goodness and potential of every innocent life. I believe the truest measure of any society is how it treats those who are least able to defend and speak for themselves. And who is more vulnerable, or more innocent, than a child?

When I learned that my son Trig would have special needs, I had to prepare my heart for the challenges to come. At first I was scared, and Todd and I had to ask for strength and understanding. But I can tell you a few things I’ve learned already.

Yes, every innocent life matters. Everyone belongs in the circle of protection. Every child has something to contribute to the world, if we give them that chance. There are the world’s standards of perfection … and then there are God’s, and these are the final measure. Every child is beautiful before God, and dear to Him for their own sake.

As for our beautiful baby boy, for Todd and me, he is only more precious because he is vulnerable. In some ways, I think we stand to learn more from him than he does from us. When we hold Trig and care for him, we don’t feel scared anymore. We feel blessed.

It’s hard to think of many issues that could possibly be more important than who is protected in law and who isn’t – who is granted life and who is denied it. So when our opponent, Senator Obama, speaks about questions of life, I listen very carefully.

I listened when he defended his unconditional support for unlimited abortions. He said that a woman shouldn’t have to be – quote – “punished with a baby.” He said that right here in Johnstown –“punished with a baby” – and it’s about time we called him on it. The more I hear from Senator Obama, the more I understand why he is so vague and evasive on the subject. Americans need to see his record for what it is. It’s not negative or mean-spirited to talk to about his record. Whatever party you belong to, there are facts you need to know.

Senator Obama has voted against bills to end partial-birth abortion. In the Illinois Senate, a bipartisan majority passed legislation against that practice. Senator Obama opposed that bill. He voted against it in committee, and voted “present” on the Senate floor. In that legislature, “present” is how you vote when you’re against something, but don’t want to be held to account.

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a Democrat, described partial-birth abortion as “too close to infanticide.” Barack Obama thinks it’s a constitutional right, but he is wrong.
Read the rest of this speech excerpt here.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Why I Wish McCain Wasn't the GOP Nominee for President

In this video, McCain tells us that even though he thinks he would be a better President than The One, nobody should be afraid of an Obama presidency.(via)

Way to sell yourself John!

Borrowing from Michelle Malkin, we are so screwed.

Ethics and Economics Don't Mix?

I was watching Fox News this morning, and some poll numbers were displayed about which issues are apparently the most important to you and me in this presidential election year. Far and away, the economy finished on top at something like 46%, while ethics was at the bottom with 6% or 7%.

Now if I'm interpreting these statistics correctly, if a presidential candidate holds an economic policy that many or most Americans like, it doesn't really matter if that candidate has made certain decisions in his life that shed a questionable shadow on his ethical makeup.

"My 401(k) is going down the crapper," you say. "I don't care if candidate X knowingly got his political career launched by unrepentant domestic terrorists, or that he used to work for and has given large sums of money to an organization that has engaged in widespread voter fraud." "I like what candidate X has to say about protecting and increasing the size of my bank account, and I'm voting for him!"

You know, Enron, WorldCom and Arthur Anderson were once very successful multi-billion dollar corporations. It wasn't stupidity that brought these companies down.

Connecticut Goes G@y "Marriage"

Given that this country is on the verge of mindlessly "electing" the most radically pro-abortion and ideologically left-wing President ever, I really shouldn't be surprised by this.

Hell in a handbasket.

Monday, October 06, 2008

NBC Pulls SNL Bail Out Skit From Website

Michelle Malkin has the full story. Basically, some big time money contributors to the Democratic Party didn't like getting skewered in the skit, and so they leaned on NBC to make it disappear.

Somebody, though, was able to save the SNL skit and upload it onto YouTube.

Update: The above video is no longer available as of 8:30 a.m. on October 7, 2008. No surprise, given NBC's reach and the fact that YouTube is owned by Google, which like NBC, is basically an enabler for the Democrat Party.

Info on How to Legally Kill Yourself Bill Signed by Ahnuld

Why am I still a resident of this state?
AB 2747 mandates that physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants provide patients diagnosed with a terminal illness – or who have been given a diagnosis of one year or less to live – with “comprehensive information and counseling regarding legal end-of-life options, as specified.”

Specifically the law obligates doctors to inform the patient about the option of “withholding or withdrawal of life-sustaining treatments” – including food and water.

Health care providers will be required to refer or transfer the patient if they can not, in good conscience, comply with the request.

Randy Thomasson of the Sacramento-based Campaign for Children and Families (CCF) called the law “a backdoor way” of bringing assisted suicide to a state that has already rejected the practice by referendum.

Saying the issue should be up to the voters, not the Legislature, Thomasson said Schwarzenegger had given his assent to physician- and nurse-assisted suicide by means of starvation and dehydration.

"AB 2747 allows a physician assistant or a nurse to opine that a patient is 'terminal,' and then recommend an unnatural death via 'palliative sedation,'" Thomasson said.

"Depressed patients who succumb to this pressure will be drugged unconscious and die from dehydration, usually within five to 10 days. Nothing in AB 2747 prohibits this horror," he added.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

History According to Joe Biden

Television existed in 1929 and FDR was President that same year.

What do you mean you didn't see this gaffe repeatedly played or commented upon in the MSM?

I Am Profoundly Disturbed By This

Based upon a compilation of various opinion polls, Real Clear Politics has Obama leading McCain by a widening average of about 6 points.

It's About Character

So it seems that one of the primary defenses or deflections of Barry Obama's ties with unrepentant domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers is that Obama was just a young child on the playgrounds in Hawaii when said terrorists committed their crimes in the late '60s/early '70s. You see what the Obamaniacs are doing here, don't you? They're intentionally trying to reclassify a problematic issue regarding Obama's character and ideological leanings as an easily refutable issue of historical fact. Don't buy into this blatantly deceptive spin. Nobody is saying Obama supported or enabled Bill Ayers and his cohorts when they tried to blow up federal buildings and plant nail bombs in dance halls almost 40 years ago. What is being raised and questioned is Obama's past willingness (as an adult) to directly associate and do business with absolute scumbags, who to this day, aren't sorry for what they did.

Update: In tried and true Liberal fashion, the Associated Press idiotically cries racism in addition to the above described deflection.