Sunday, October 05, 2008

It's About Character

So it seems that one of the primary defenses or deflections of Barry Obama's ties with unrepentant domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers is that Obama was just a young child on the playgrounds in Hawaii when said terrorists committed their crimes in the late '60s/early '70s. You see what the Obamaniacs are doing here, don't you? They're intentionally trying to reclassify a problematic issue regarding Obama's character and ideological leanings as an easily refutable issue of historical fact. Don't buy into this blatantly deceptive spin. Nobody is saying Obama supported or enabled Bill Ayers and his cohorts when they tried to blow up federal buildings and plant nail bombs in dance halls almost 40 years ago. What is being raised and questioned is Obama's past willingness (as an adult) to directly associate and do business with absolute scumbags, who to this day, aren't sorry for what they did.

Update: In tried and true Liberal fashion, the Associated Press idiotically cries racism in addition to the above described deflection.

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Pauli said...

Yes, the fact that Ayers & co never apologized is the big problem. If he had, I'd drop this like a lead balloon and so would Stanley Kurtz, most likely. But these folks still believe in the cause of radical leftist ideology.

Because Ayers never said he was sorry this is still an issue and Obama knows it's a hot one. However, in a lot of ways it depends on whether McCain is willing to pick up the hammer and pound Obama with it. I'm not so sure of that.