Saturday, February 14, 2004

A-Rod Goes to the Dark Side

God forgive and have mercy on me, but I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate the Yankees!!!
If Dems Can Spout Off in Black Churches, Why Can't Clergymen Spout Off in Legislatures?

I bethcha Georgia's First Openly Gay Legislator(TM) wouldn't be complaining if the minister had expressed support for same-sex "marriages."

Friday, February 13, 2004

Same Sex "Marriages" are Ontologically Degrading to People

My (hope to be published) letter to the editor at the San Francisco Chronicle:

The Chronicle’s glowing appraisal of Mayor Newsom’s de facto government sanctification of same sex “marriages” is typical of the thoughtless and utilitarian viewpoint that the Left has of personhood. In the ontological sense, a person is not defined by who he or she prefers or chooses to have sexual intercourse with, yet this is precisely what defenders of same-sex “marriages” presume whenever they argue, as the Chronicle does, that “gays” must be accorded the same legal benefits and protections as “straight people.” If what we are is defined by what we prefer, then the government may as well expressly extend civil rights protections on the basis of what baseball team you root for or your favorite ice cream.

Despite what the Left may think, and which has in no small part been promulgated by no-fault divorce laws, marriage is not a mere contract where the parties simply agree to live together, share their property, and not have sexual intercourse with other people. Degrade marriage to this definition by recognizing same-sex unions, and you effectively degrade people by viewing them as nothing more than a bundle of desires.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Kerry to Fonda: "You're Making it Worse!"

While basically admitting she's an anti-American commie, Hanoi Jane tries to defend John F'n Kerry by disavowing any past direct connection with him.

"Any attempt to link Kerry to me and make him look bad with that connection is completely false," the radical actress insisted.

Although Fonda admitted that she and Kerry addressed the crowd that day from the same platform, she maintained that their contact was minimal. "I don't even think we shook hands."

Her account stands in stark contrast, however, to that of presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, who reported in his Kerry biography "Tour of Duty" that after Fonda and the top Democrat appeared at the same Valley Forge demonstration, she "adopted" Kerry's group, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, as "her leading cause."

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

"Salvific" Suffering

From today's General Audience:

The World Day of the Sick is a strong call to rediscover the important presence of those who suffer in the Christian community, and to increasingly value their precious contribution. From a simply human point of view, pain and illness might appear as an absurd reality: However, when we allow ourselves to be enlightened by the light of the Gospel, we succeed in appreciating its profound salvific meaning.

"From the paradox of the Cross," I underlined in the message for today's World Day of the Sick, "springs the answer to our most worrying questions. Christ suffers for us. He takes upon himself the sufferings of everyone and redeems them. Christ suffers with us, enabling us to share our pain with him. United to the suffering of Christ, human suffering becomes a means of salvation" (No. 4).
The Paradox of "Racial Diversity"

Alleged bigotry toward white caucasions by "multicultural" student club at allegedly Catholic Santa Clara University.

In their quest to get more space to accommodate an expanding number of cultural clubs, students of the campus's Multicultural Center (MCC) sought support from the student body last month when they felt their efforts with the administration had stalled.

But what they got instead was a barrage of anonymous chat-room postings criticizing the center for being exclusionary and for producing center T-shirts with a collage of smiley faces some thought are racist against whites.

"Personally, as a white student, I don't feel welcome in the MCC,'' one student wrote in response to the chat-room question, Should SCU make more space for the MCC? "Those 'See Me' shirts were so racist, with the white faces singled out and made to look expressionless next to the smiling faces of color. Any center that promotes that sort of bigotry should not be a part of this campus.''

I often wonder if any of these lefty multicuturalists have ever stopped to think for a moment that they are engaging in the very type of racial stereotyping they say they abhor when they presume that race and/or ethnicity dictates the manner by which a person acts or thinks. If you don't believe they do this, ask them their opinion of people like Condeleeza Rice and Justice Clarence Thomas. I guarantee you that they will toss around the words "Uncle Tom" at least once.
Step 1 to Reconsidering Roe v. Wade Accomplished

The South Dakota House passes a bill outlawing abortion, and making its practice a felony.

In the preamble to HB 1191, the legislature determined that based on the best scientific and medical evidence, life begins at fertilization and that South Dakota’s Bill of Rights applies equally to born and unborn human beings. The Bill also finds that abortions impose significant risks to the health and life of the pregnant mother, including significant risk of suicide, depression and other post traumatic disorders.

Approval by the House now sends the bill to the Senate where support continues to be strong. Should South Dakota’s pro-life governor sign the bill, the new law would directly confront Roe v. Wade.
Proof That Harvard Accepts and is Largely Run by Stupid People

A university committee at the Ivy League school officially approves a porn magazine featuring nude pictures of undergraduates.

Hrdy said that “initially there was some concern about the nudity aspect,” but that CCL members eventually “got past the fear of porn.”

Baldegg added that she does not object to H Bomb being called porn.

“It’s a sex magazine that will hopefully be run by students of all sexual orientations and backgrounds,” Baldegg said. Baldegg said she expected the magazine, which will also include art and fiction articles, to garner a lot of attention.

“I guess student porn is sort of an underground thing,” she said.

No, it's more like a liberal moral relativist thing.
I'm Only Surprised it Took Him This Long to Do It

New San Francisco Mayor asks the city clerk to find a way to give marriage licenses to people who practice, and define their being on the basis of, objectively disordered sexual intercourse.
Placing the Welfare of Soil Above Humans

More wacko environmentalist folly.

Environmental groups asked a federal judge Tuesday to halt construction of a new border fence on the U.S.-Mexican border south of San Diego.

The Sierra Club, San Diego Audubon Society, San Diego Baykeeper and other groups allege the Department of Homeland Security violated the National Environmental Policy Act by failing to fully consider potential harm to the environment.

The Bush administration contends the fence and a patrol road are needed to improve security on the westernmost 3.5-mile leg of the U.S.-Mexico border. Environmentalists say the project would erode soil just south of a 2,531-acre federally protected estuary that is a refuge for threatened and endangered birds, plants and fish.
Why Blogs Rule and Message Forums (a.k.a. Usenet Groups) Suck

Because you can control the content of the site (if you own it) and you don't get trolling wackos making wild accusations. Sorry about the rant, but I needed an outlet to vent.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Letter to the Archdiocese Newspaper Editor

In regard to this, I wrote the following:

As it would seem that any institution that identifies itself as being Catholic would be loath to sponsor the speech of any individual who enables social conduct that is at odds with Church teachings, I was greatly disappointed to have learned that the University of San Francisco invited Justice Anthony Kennedy to be the keynote speaker at the opening of the Koret Law Center. In case nobody at the university was aware, Justice Kennedy has not only upheld the nonexistent right to abortion (Planned Parenthood v. Casey), he recently penned the incredibly tortured decision whereby consensual sodomy was deemed to be a constitutionally protected activity (Lawrence v. Texas). Defenders of USF will of course try to rationalize the school’s conduct away by arguing that, as an academic institution, USF must be open to differing points of view. Such an argument, however, is disingenuous because it tries to portray an otherwise nonessential public relations gathering into a formal and fairly represented classroom discussion on public policy.

Far from being isolated, the inviting of Justice Kennedy is simply the latest of a number of things that calls into question USF’s commitment to being a Catholic institution of higher learning. If the school is unwilling to recommit itself to this purpose, perhaps USF should just do us all a favor and drop its affiliation with the Church rather than causing confusion over its Catholic identity. In the meantime, I personally will be encouraging parents seeking a faithful Catholic education for their college-aged children to look across the street.
Legitimate Enough to Try and Refute

Intelligent Design Theory (not your daddy's creationism) makes its way into the Harvard Law Review. Critics dismiss, in sweeping weak generalizations, its scientific value and the legality of teaching it in the classroom.
I'm There

If there's a Q&A session, dollars to donuts someone is going to ask about the "rights" of gays in the Church and gay "marriage."

Title: The Theology of the Body of Pope John Paul II

Description: The Campion College Forum: Fr. Brian Mullady, OP presents The Theology of the Body of Pope John Paul II. Fr. Mullady will unpack the Pope's profound insights on men, women and the meaning of sexuality in terms accessible to the "ordinary" Catholic. Thursday, February 12th at 7:30 p.m at St. Monica's Parish Hall (Geary and 23rd Avenue) Parking available.Free will offerings graciously accepted. Light refreshments served.

Location: St. Monica's Parish Hall 23rd & Geary (San Francisco)

Date: Thursday, 12 Feb 2004
Time: 7:30:00 PM - 9:00:00 PM
Traitor John?

It is entirely possible that John F'n Kerry could be more of a gift to the Bush administration than Howard Dean.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

I Just Can't Get It Out of My Head

"She bangs! She Bangs!" Ahhhh!!!! Stop!!!!
And They Say People in California Are Nuts

At least none of our elected crazies have hinted at government imposed childbirth limits...yet.