Friday, March 07, 2003

The War Is Just

An opinion by Catholic U. Law School dean Douglas Kmiec.

In the classic Catholic position on just war articulated centuries ago by Augustine and Aquinas, the strict, moral duty to maintain the security of others is placed squarely upon the designated leadership of one's own nation. President Bush is accountable for our security, the United Nations is not. With all due respect to Cardinal Laghi, the Vatican envoy who visited with the president earlier this week, the legality and justice of this war does not depend upon the view of the Security Council, which has never had the direct responsibility of our continued well being.
What Should Have Been Asked

I was listening to an interview with Fox's Tony Snow this morning, and he made an insightful observation that not one reporter during last night's Presidential Press Conference asked whether it was true that Blix and his inspection boys were'nt using most of the intelligence information that the U.S. was giving them. After hearing some of the questions that were asked, it seemed the only thing those lefty reporters cared about was why we were antagonizing France and Germany. Nitwits.
How Can You Undo What Isn't There?

A judge in Texas grants a "same sex divorce" even though gay "marriages" aren't recognized in that state.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Apologetics Timeout: Did St. Paul Subscribe to Sola Scriptura?

Absolutely not. In Acts 20:35, for example, St. Paul directly attibutes a quote to Jesus ("It is a more blessed thing to give, rather than to receive") that is nowhere to be found in the four written Gospels. Coupled with the fact that St. Paul in this verse was reminding his audience of this quote, it seems pretty clear that the true and one Church of Christ was as reliant on Tradition as it was, and still is, on the written Scriptures.
GOP Fails to End Filibuster on Estrada Nomination

Fine. If those idiotic Dems want to "debate", make 'em do it continuously 24-7 with the added proviso that should no comments on the Estrada nomination be personally offered by a Senator within 5 minutes from the last speaker, the filibuster is declared over and an up and down vote will be taken.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

SCOTUS Upholds California's 3 Strikes Law

This is probably one issue where I differ from most conservatives. I just have a fundamental problem with someone being given a 25 year-life sentence for trying to steal a couple of golf clubs.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Breaking News

The California Court of Appeals for the Fourth District has reversed a lower court ruling that Federal ERISA laws preempt a state-based lawsuit filed by a lesbian who was denied intrauterine insemination treatments by a San Diego women's clinic. As you'll see near the end of the opinion, the Court refused to address issues raised by yours truly in a short, but concise, "friend of the court" brief.

Monday, March 03, 2003

"Jeneane Garofalo is a Short Fat Idiot"

A guy named Vox, and his reaction to J-Gar's uninformed blatherings on the impending war with Iraq.

She refused to answer direct questions but instead responded with questions of her own, denied easily verifiable fact and became quite emotional when presented with an obvious historical parallel...And then, there was the ludicrous lie, which scored a solid 7.5 on the Goebbels scale by claiming 32 million members for the anti-war group Win Without War. Just to put this in perspective, the largest Protestant denomination in the country, the Southern Baptist Convention, has 16 million members. Given that the current U.S. population is only about 290 million people, this figure is clearly absurd, even more so than the 600,000 claimed for the recent peace protest which was only inflated by a factor of 10.