Friday, February 28, 2003

Public Schools and Teachers Are Now On Notice

I hadn't thought of this until someone called to find out, but the Ninth Circuit's rejection of a rehearing on the Pledge case now makes the three-judge panel decision on the unconstitutionality of "under God" binding on all western states (i.e., those within the jurisdiction of the Ninth Circuit). At least I think it is, judging from the language of the stay that had been imposed back in June of last year.
On Second Thought's probably best that the Pledge case go before the Supreme Court (assuming "cert" is granted). For one thing, a likely reversal will once again show how incredibly out of touch the Ninth Circuit is with the law and Constitution. Second, the SCOTUS will be given a chance to provide more clarification on the fact that government sponsorship of religious expressions (e.g., state legislatures retaining chaplains to give invocations) does not constitute, and is distinguishable from, an establishment of religion. Third, the SCOTUS can definitively eliminate the silly notion that saying something with "God" in it automatically turns the utterance into a religious act.
And the Streak of Stupidity Continues

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denies a reheaing of the Pledge of Allegiance case.
Good Lent Prep

Last night, my parish just had its first of six weekly adult classes on the Passion of Christ, as explained by St. Thomas Aquinas in the Summa Theologica. We are focusing particularly on Part III, Questions 46-52.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

A Call For Papal Intervention

Liberal Wash. (Com)Post commentator Mary McGrory thinks JPII could be key in averting a war with Iraq.

His holiness cannot be attacked like other war critics, such as France and Germany. Even Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, the designated hit man for "appeasers," dares not inveigh against the supreme pontiff of a church with a congregation of a billion. Ari Fleischer, spokesman for a White House that is now wooing nations such as Angola, said stiffly, "It is the papacy's right to engage in dialogue."
Yes, That Was a Pen in His Pocket

One of those rare cases where weaseling out of jury duty might cost you some comical entertainment.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Freakin' Nazis

The L.A. Bar "Association" lends support to banning state judges from associating with the Boy Scouts.
Coffee, Coke, or Confession?

A German priest is dividing his time between preaching and working as an air steward.

Roland Seidel, 43, says his part-time job as a Lufthansa flight attendant has a lot in common with his work for the church.
SCOTUS Rules RICO Doesn't Apply to Pro-Life Demonstrators

A great First Amendment victory to say the least. But what's even more surprising is that the final SCOTUS vote was 8 to1 (Stevens dissenting).

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Only Peace

This seems fairly obvious, but I'm wondering if the Vatican is privy to information that either the U.S. Government isn't telling us or doesn't know.

International diplomacy cannot accept a precipitation toward war without having explored every path to avoid the conflict"..."Every smallest possibility is for the better, so that from a crack a path may be opened to the hope of peace."
It Pays to Check Back and Often

I don't know what it is, but lately I've been having to go back and repeatedly edit things I've just posted because what I previously wrote either doesn't make sense or is missing an important word. Call it my own version of obsessive-compulsion disorder, I guess. (Does that make sense? Do I need to reword that? Where's that spell check...)
Teacher Sues Catholic School After Being Fired for Pro-Abortion Beliefs

The 21-page complaint [to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission] also alleges that Curay-Cramer's dismissal based on her abortion rights views violates the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which prohibits firing an employee for having an abortion. The complaint contends that though Curay-Cramer herself didn't have an abortion, she is entitled to the act's protections because of her views supporting abortion.

Talk about a tortured argument. Plus, I've filed several complaints for clients with the EEOC, and not once have I ever submitted anything longer than a page. If the attorney for this teacher thinks that the agent assigned to this case is going to be impressed by his 21-page rambling, he better think again. More likely is that the agent will see the lengthiness of the complaint, decide not to investigate, and shoot off a right to sue letter sooner than he normally would have.
Apologetics Timeout

Whenever I debate the legitimacy of Sola Scriptura with a Protestant friend, I always like to bring up the Trinity, and how most Protestants accept it despite the fact that the word does not appear in the Bible. The usual response I get to this is "yeah, but Scripture supports it." While this is true, the problem that my Protestant friends fail to see is that the Bible does not itself provide a definition to "Trinity". When taken out of the Christian context, Trinity simply means three separate things or objects; there is no suggestion that while these three things (i.e., persons) are distinct, they nevertheless subsist in one essence (i.e., God). Indeed, attaching such a definition to Trinity is logically incoherent. Why, then, do most Protestants call the Trinity "the Trinity"? As much as they may deny it, Protestants are more reliant on the authority of the Catholic Church than they think.
If This Wasn't So Outrageously Demeaning, It Would Be Comical

PETA equates chickens to victims of the Holocaust.
Well This is Odd...

The Vatican will be issuing an anniversary stamp commemorating the assasination attempt on the Pope in 1981.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Another Reason Why Voting Should Be Restricted to the Sane

A lawsuit to a stop potential war against Iraq is thrown out. The suit was partially filed by Congressmen John "Commie" Conyers and "Baghdad" Jim McDermott.

U.S. District Judge Joseph Tauro ruled that a federal court can judge the war policies of political branches of government only when actions taken by Congress and the president are in conflict -- a situation that does not exist today.

The civil lawsuit, brought by three members of the military, six parents of U.S. troops and six members of Congress, sought an injunction to stop potential U.S. military action on the grounds that only Congress has the right to declare war.
You Gotta Pay Your Props to Da Big JC

What up J?! By all accounts, this is mocking of Christian kitsch. (Link from Christianity Today)

Sunday, February 23, 2003

"I've Not Only Played a Military Expert in the Movies, I Really Think I Am One"

Link from Drudge: Wash. (Com)Post decides to waste print space on actor George Clooney's views on Iraq.

"We can't beat anyone anymore," [said] Clooney, who has called it unfair that Americans opposed to war are being branded unpatriotic.

It's either unpatriotic or full-on idiots George. Which would you and Jeneane "I know what I'm talking about, because I watch Dan Rather" Garafalo prefer? I'm more than accommodating.