Saturday, May 24, 2008

Only $4/Gallon

Based on this interesting revelation, we could actually be paying a lot more for gas right now.

Also keep the above linked to information in mind the next time you see some politician, most likely a Dem, on television mindlessly demagoguing about "big oil" and price gouging.

Raw Judicial Policy Making

Even supporters of g@y "marriage", at least the more intellectually honest ones, think the recent ruling by the California Supreme Court is crap. (h/t)
[T]he California court's 121-page opinion was dishonest. This was most evident in its ritual denial of the fact that it was usurping legislative power: "Our task ... is not to decide whether we believe, as a matter of policy, that the officially recognized relationship of a same-sex couple should be designated a marriage rather than a domestic partnership ... but instead only to determine whether the difference in the official names of the relationships violates the California Constitution [emphasis in original]."

This was a deeply disingenuous dodge, if not a bald-faced lie, to conceal from gullible voters the fact that the decision was a raw exercise in judicial policy-making with no connection to the words or intent of the state constitution. It is inconceivable that anyone but a supporter of gay marriage "as a matter of policy" could have found in vague constitutional phrases such as "equal protection" a right to judicial invalidation of the marriage laws of every state and nation in the history of civilization….

Friday, May 23, 2008

Holy Crap!

Now I'm going to have nightmares about those South Park looking puppet thingies. (h/t)

If I Learn Nothing Else

Four weeks into my experience as an (FE)MBA student at Pepperdine Univ.(Irvine Graduate Campus), and I discover that the surname of the man for whom the university's business school is named after, George Graziadio, means "Thanks be to God" in Italian.

I don't think Mr. Graziadio was Catholic, in case you were wondering.