Friday, November 05, 2004

Good Question

Howard Bashman at How Appealing asks what the election results of this past Tuesday mean if, as some people would have you believe, that it is impossible to fill a probable opening on the Supreme Court with a nominee who is a known opponent of Roe v. Wade.
California is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

In a state where abortion has been expressly proclaimed to be a fundamental right, it really isn't suprising that a ballot initiative which allows human beings to be created in a petrie dish and destroyed for purposes of "scientific research" passed with flying colors. Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My Sentiments Exactly

Addressed to the incredibly deep blue MSM.
Lefty Dem Dilemmas

First, they make vacuous promises to leave the U.S. and move to Canada if George Bush wins reelection, then comes news that they'd have to wait up to a year before Canada allows them to become citizens of the Great White North.

Wonder if some of these 'Rats have ever thought of Cuba? I'm sure Fidel would fast track their citizenship applications in no time.
I am Alone in an Ocean of Loony Lefties

The final tally on the presidential race here in San Francisco is Kerry 83% and Bush 15%. A local initiative that would actually have allowed non-U.S. citizens to vote in San Francisco school board elections barely lost 51% to 49%, while an initiative condemning President Bush as a liar and demanding U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq easily passed by a 63% to 37% margin.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Should I Feel Disenfranchised?

The type of voting ballot being used in San Francisco requires a person to fill in a broken arrow to a candidate of choice. At the polling place that I was at, a felt-tip pen was provided inside each voting stall. As most people might be aware, anything that is written with a felt-tip pen can be easily smudged, which is exactly what happened to a few of the markings I made on my ballot. When I asked the kid (he looked college-aged) who was running the ballot reading machine if this was a problem, he said "no." I remain skeptical.

Also, the voting for San Francisco Supervisors employed something called "ranked choice voting," which basically asks people to selct their first, second and third choices for a particular District Supervisor seat. The claimed purpose of this crazy voting method is to avoid prolonged and costly runoffs in case there is either a tie among two candidates or no candidate is able to garner more than 50% of the vote (I can't remember which one it is). Since there was only one supervisorial candidate in my district who I could vote for in good conscience, I didn't make a second and third choice. This seems to have been the reason for why the ballot reading machine didn't initially scan my ballot. After asking me if I had failed to fill in a couple of things on the Supervisor ballot, the kid running the ballot reading machine punched in a couple of buttons, and voila, my ballot got scanned. At least I think it did. Now I'm kicking myself for not asking.

Update: I noticed this guy's name among the candidates running for San Francisco School Board, and I just thought to myself, "This city is loony bin."

Sunday, October 31, 2004

No Camelot for Kerry

At least as far as getting the Catholic Vote [tm] is concerned.

Several things of note in the linked article: 1). Apparently, the Daily Herald is amazed that any Catholic will not be voting for someone who claims (repeatedly) to have once been an altar boy; 2).The liberal/heretical Pax Christi is laughingly referred to as a "social justice group"; 3). Catholic concern about abortion is described as an "ideological shift" that occurred in the last 30 years; 4). Life related issues are qualified as "so-called"; 5). "Anti-abortion rights?"; and 6). Catholic Answers is described as being partisan and of the position that Catholics are required to "vote for a candidate who supports any one of five 'non-negotiable issues'"

If it wasn't for the fact that this article is being passed off as news, all of the blatant distortions and misleading comments that are made would be hilarious.