Saturday, October 12, 2002

Do they deserve to be called Catholic colleges?

"At the alumni office for the Dominican University of California (in San Rafael), Holly said that she would have to look into how many alumni had gone on to ordination and call back. After two weeks with no return phone calls, Holly was contacted again. Her tone was noticeably colder. 'We're not going to be able to disclose that information. It's against our policy.'"

Friday, October 11, 2002

Because I work in an environment that is almost entirely dominated by Evangelical and Fundamentalist Protestants, I've noticed that there are certain words that they (Protestants) tend to frequently use in their everyday conversations. Some of it is tinged with anti-Catholicism, although I don't believe most of the people I encounter realize it or harbor ill will toward me. Here's a sampling:

"worldview" i.e., one's moral perspective

"Oh my gosh!" i.e., an exclamation without taking the Lord's name in vain

"biblical or biblically -based" i.e., my position on, say, using vibrators finds support in the Bible, and is therefore true (doesn't matter that nobody else sees what I see)

"fellowship" -- i.e., act of worship with fellow "Bible-believing" Christians (often entails singing "praise" songs)

"Bible-believing Christians" i.e., professed Christians who have the same or similar conservative biblically-based moral views, and believe that the Bible is the sole authority on and deposit of the Christian faith.

"non-denominational" i.e., not a denomination; just Christian

"Christian" i.e., not Catholic
I'm with Eve Tushnet; Harry Wu should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Because it dares to ask whether using a vibrator is biblical, Focus on the Family programs are dropped by a popular Protestant radio station in So. California.
Jimmy "I was almost killed by a rabbit" Carter wins the Nobel Peace Prize despite the fact he once endorsed Yasser Arafat's sham election in Palestine and publicly bristled when the communist Sandinista government, led by the tyrannical Daniel Ortega, was legitimately ousted in Nicaragua.

Something is rotten in Oslo.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I guess if I was ignorant (or a devoted fan of the "Left Behind" series) I'd actually be worried over the latest reading of the Rapture Index.
Satan, of course, believed this as well.
Is George Barna anti-Catholic? From his latest survey on religious beliefs, it certainly appears that way. First of all, he makes the claim that many Catholics (and Protestants) hold beliefs that conflict with the teachings of the Bible. Uh, who made Mr. Barna, a self described Evangelical Protestant, the authoritative interpreter of the Bible?

Second, his unqualified comments about the "surprising" number of Protestants who like praying to, in his words, "deceased saints", clearly reflects his ignorant belief that such Catholic inspired conduct amounts to idol worshipping and that the saints in Heaven aren't alive.

George Barna clearly has a lot of theological issues he needs to work out. Until then, I would give his statistical findings as much credence as I would to surveys conducted by the California Democratic Party -- almost none.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

I've been getting a few calls about this new student Satan club in the San Mateo school district. As distressing as it is, this club has as much of legal right to be formed under the Equal Access Act as a Christian club.
Hey, if you happen to be a graduate of North Torrance High School like me, check out this site.