Saturday, June 07, 2003


Taken from this article here's how Tim LaHaye tries to evade the charge that he isn't anti-Catholic:

"The Bible clearly speaks against the 'mystery of Babylon, mother of harlots,' " he said.

"It's a religious system that has invaded many religions, not just Roman Catholicism," LaHaye said. "Many Protestant religions have this mystery, Babylonish teaching that has people worshipping idols instead of the living God. It's not an attack on the Catholic church."

Double-speak at its finest, no? Reminds me of the typical Democrat Catholic mantra of personally being against abortion but supporting the right of a woman "to choose".

Update: Actually, here's a better example of "LaHayist" Logic. Adolfo Hisler, a white Anglo-Saxon, believes there are types of people in this world who are not fully human. Included in his list of "inferiors" are people of Jewish descent. Although one might be tempted to do so, it is wrong to accuse Hisler of being anti-Semitic, because along with Jews, he believes there are some types of white Anglo-Saxons (e.g., those who don't believe Jews are subhuman) who are as equally less than human. As such, if you are going to accuse Mr. Hisler of anything, accuse him of being anti-subhumanity. He is not attacking Jews.
Another Anti-Life Decision

A Flori(duh) state appeals court says a husband can order the removal of his comatose wife's feeding tube. Oh yeah, the husband in this case stands to inherit $700K if his wife dies, and he wants to marry another woman with whom he already has a child.
And Water is Wet and the Sky is Blue

The California Department of Education announces that homeschooling in the state is legal, even though it was never illegal.

Friday, June 06, 2003

While Stuff Hits the Fan in Phoenix...

A Church of the Nazarene minister in Florida tells police investigators that he can't remember if he had sexually abused a male minor.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

No Link for You!

The Dem Party hates kids so much that it won't even link a Democrats for Life page on its website. In response to a pro-life Democrat's suggestion that the party's absolutist position on baby-killing cost it some Senate seats in the last general election, one unnamed Dem Strategist (what are the odds this clown believes he/she is "tolerant"?) quipped, "It seems to me like this is a fringe group desperately in search of a little publicity here.” Meanwhile, the Dem Party continues to provide links to such "mainstream" groups like Anti-Catholics for Free Baby Butchery, the National Association of Gals (NAG), and various groups that promote hedonism and sodomy.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Reason Five Million and Two for Why Barry Lynn is a First Rate Jerk

(Leftist) Americans United for the Separation of Church and State threaten to sue the U.S. Interior Department for a grant it made to help restore the church building where Paul Revere received the signal that the British were advancing. The stated reason for the threat: it's still an active church.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Question More or Less Answered

By this article, which I found via Amy Welborn's blog, the question I had below on the success rate of Protestant missionaries in converting Muslims has been impliedly answered: very low. As such, Protestant missionaries in the Middle East tend to focus their efforts on converting other Christians (namely, Orthodox and Eastern Rite (Chaldean) Catholics).

Monday, June 02, 2003

Still to Come...

...rulings from the SCOTUS on several major issues, including affirmative action, anti-sodomy laws, and public library Internet filters. One case that may be of significance to the Situation is Stogner v. California (natch), where the state is seeking to erase its statute of limitations in order to criminally prosecute a man who is charged with molesting his own daughter almost 50 years ago.
Passing Thoughts

In working with and around a lot of Evangelicals, I hear the term "Bible-based" church thrown around a lot. However, since the Bible didn't actually come into existence until the latter part of the fourth century, would today's Evangelical or Fundamentalist consider third through fourth century Christians to have been part of a "Bible-based" church? And what exactly are the standards for being a Bible-based church, and who authoritatively enforces them?

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Modern Medicine and the Sanctity of Life

Remember that fantastic picture of a pre-born baby who stuck his hand out from the surgically opened womb of his mother? Well, that baby is now 3 1/2 years old, and his name is Samual Armas.