Saturday, September 06, 2003

It's Aiding and Abetting a Crime if You Ask Me

"Gray-out" Davis signs bill allowing illegals in California to get driver's licenses. When you read the article, notice that the only opponent of the bill who is quoted is from some organization called the European American Culture Council of Sacramento. Yeah, there is no liberal media bias.

Friday, September 05, 2003

Lend a Voice to Terri Schiavo

Go here and sign the petititon.
Why I Might Begrudgingly Vote for Ahnuld

Because it'll only take about 30% of the vote to win, there are way too many people running, the only legitimate pro-life and family candidate, Tom McClintock, probably can't win even if Arnie were to drop out, and I might be able to accept the rationalization that a vote for steroid-boy is a vote against Cruz "MEChA"mante and Gray Davis.

You know what's really sad? Three of the probable top vote getters, which includes Davis, are all (allegedly) Catholic, yet not one of them is pro-life.
USCCB Prez. Upholds Celibacy Requirement

In doing so, it was good to see Bishop Gregory point out that celibacy has nothing to do with America's priest shortage, and that several Protestant denominations also have a clerical shortage, even though ministers of such sects are free to marry. Want proof? Go here.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Show Suggestions

Looks as though Fox is running a contest where people can pitch their show ideas, and the best one gets produced. Given the popularity of so-called "reality shows," I think it might be cool to have a show that documents the experiences of first year (i.e., 1L) law students. If you think contestants on shows like Survivor are cutthroat, you should see what some first year law students will resort to in order to make the grade. It can be viscious.
Bells of Saint Mary's

A nice little piece on a small town's successful effort to save a historic church building. However, the sentence about the church "being the only church in America to offer the traditional Latin Mass exclusively -- and twice daily -- with ecclesiastical approval" is not correct. Although it doesn't have official status as a parish yet, St. Stephen's in Sacramento is another ecclesiastically approved church that exclusively offers the traditional Latin Mass.
Maybe Next Time He Should Hand Out Condoms

The 3rd Circuit Cout of Appeals upholds a school's right to prohibit an elementary student from passing out pencils with a Christian religious message on them, even though they were only passed out during a holiday classroom party.

"As a general matter, the elementary school classroom, especially for kindergartners and first graders, is not a place for student advocacy. To require a school to permit the promotion of a specific message would infringe upon a school's legitimate area of control," Chief U.S. Circuit Judge Anthony J. Scirica wrote in Walz v. Egg Harbor Township Board of Education.

Real rabble rousers, those five and six year olds. Plus, who can really trust that they're going to throw away something that they don't want. Once again, Big Brother knows what is best.
Gray Davis on Death, Taxes and Republicans

From yesterday's Recall "debate" in Walnut Creek: "[Republicans] would rather shoot their mothers than raise any taxes"

Strange how a man who finds nothing wrong with killing preborn children would be morally outraged by someone who would intentionally kill his mother.
Liberal Media Bias Example #2 Billion and Five

Lots of media attention on the execution of "pro-life" murderer Paul Hill and almost zippo on the motion to vacate filing by Sandra Cano, "Mary Doe" in Doe v. Bolton, the companion case to the more recognizable Roe v. Wade.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The Vatican and Science

Although it suggestively dispels the myth that the Church is anti-science, there are enough partial untruths that requires the reading of this article to be done in light of this tract.
Does Your Parish Display the American Flag?

I've been to parishes that do, but apprently it isn't widespread, as evidenced by this Letter to the Editor.
I Should Have Done This to Get out of Jury Duty

Although mooning the jury didn't really get this guy off the hook for burglary and criminal assault.
CA State Senate Dems Tell Boy Scouts What to Believe

Your California tax dollars at work.

The legislation was sponsored by Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg, D-Los Angeles, herself a lesbian.

"I think it's important for the state of California to speak up and not be silent, and to say to the Scouts, if you have a religious belief, that's your belief. But keep it separate from a youth-serving agency that serves kids in all neighborhoods," Goldberg told the paper. "I hope we put pressure on them to make this open to all kids. Anybody who knows me and my family knows we love scouting. This is out of concern for (Scouts)."
CA Dems: Drivers Licenses for Everbody!

The message being conveyed is clear: If it gets you votes, it's not illegal.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Inmates on Death Row Get Life

By an 8-3 vote, the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said all condemned inmates sentenced by a judge should have their sentences commuted to life terms.

"By deciding that judges are not constitutionally permitted to decide whether defendants are eligible for the death penalty, the Supreme Court altered the fundamental bedrock principles applicable to capital murder trials," Judge Sidney R. Thomas wrote for the court.

Although I'm not an avid proponent of the death penalty, I'm a little troubled by the 9th Circuit's retroactive application of the cited Supreme Court decision (Ring v. Arizona). I'm not sure this was the Supreme Court's intent, but I guess we'll find out on appeal.
Deeper and Deeper Into the Cultural Abyss

The Fox Network is planning a reality show based on people's divorce experiences. This is just plain sad.
Isn't Life an Interest?

Ran across this statute in the California Civil Code:

43.1. A child conceived, but not yet born, is deemed an existing person, so far as necessary for the child's interests in the event of the child's subsequent birth.

The applicability of this statute has generally been limited to personal injury cases. It would be kind of interesting, though, if someone could assert this statute in order to be appointed an unborn child's guardian ad litem for the purpose of stopping an abortion.