Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Happy Turkey Day!

To everyone who actually might be reading this blog.
Of Course it Has

Not content to be the top dog in everything that is gay, San Francisco makes an appeal to become America's number one death camp.
Federal Judge Questions School's Brownshirt Tactics

In a lawsuit filed by a Catholic student whose views were affirmativelyexcluded from a public school program on homosexuality and religion, the judge in the case rhetorically likened the school's actions to book burning in Nazi Germany.

Only religious leaders who endorsed the school’s pro-homosexual “religious” belief were allowed to sit on the panel. School officials denied Hansen’s request to have a panel member who would express the Roman Catholic belief on homosexual activity. School officials hand-picked the pro-homosexual panel members, selected the Gay Straight Alliance faculty advisor to act as “moderator,” prohibited “open” questions to panel members, and expressly prohibited the students from personally interacting with any panel member before, during, or after the panel discussion.

Oh pleeeeze let the defenders of the school in this case come out and shoot themselves in the foot by saying that the Catholic Church's position on homosexual conduct amounts to illegal "hate speech." Please, please, please...
Jeopardy and the Catholic Church

Methinks there is at least one writer on the popular game show who might be Catholic (or at least Orthodox), since there's been quite a few questions of late related to the Church. I noted one of these questions here. Other questions, which by the way almost everyone on the show answered incorrectly, include the mother of the "City of God" Saint who herself is a Saint and was a Berber (St. Monica) and the names of the two men that a European city established in 1703 has used, even though these men were born 1800 years apart (St. Peter and Lenin). On the latter question, which was a Final Jeopardy question, one of the contestants had written "Lenin and Peter," but got it wrong. In order to be credited with the right answer, "St." or "Saint" had to be included with Peter.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Was the Blessed Mother Protestant?

I was reading this editorial (via Relapsed Catholic) warning Evangelicals of the dangers of incorporating cultural trends in their ministries when I noticed this cover picture from next month's Christianity Today Magazine:

There wasn't an accompanying article linked to the picture, but I'm genuinely curious about the types of claims that are made with respect to the cover title. Maybe CT, which in case you aren't aware is Protestant, will have it on their website later next month.

Monday, November 24, 2003

From Our Bulging "Our Culture is in the Sewer" Files

The culturally and morally impoverished cheer as L.A. repeals its ban on lap dancing.

At Crazy Girls, a gaudy Hollywood establishment on La Brea Avenue replete with Venetian statues on its roof, men and women crowded the darkened interior to watch girls twirl around a metal pole in skimpy underwear to the sound of blaring hip-hop and rock music.

When asked what drew them to strip clubs, some joked it wasn't for love of modern dance.