Saturday, November 22, 2008

Get 'Em Ready Just In Case

Though it appears unlikely that the California Supreme Court will once again overrule the will of the people by striking down Proposition 8, I'm hoping that recall petitions have been prepared and ready to be immediately circulated in case the Court ends up doing the inexcusable.

FYI: Chief Justice Ronald George, along with Associate Justices Joyce Kennard, Kathryn Werdeger and Carlos Moreno, all voted to strike down Proposition 22, the statutory precursor to Prop. 8.

Friday, November 21, 2008

No Zoning Variance For You!

See the "loving" Beaufort County South Carolina councilwomyn explain why the Church's "ideological" positions on womyn's ordination and abortion are reasons for denying a local parish's rezoning application.

Sure she later issued an apology, but only for unintentionally offending anyone. In other words, she's not sorry for publicly expressing her bigotry. (h/t)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eric Holder Should be Vigorously Opposed

More details about Barry's Attorney General selection from National Review:
Holder was the Clinton administration’s last deputy attorney general, succeeding Jamie Gorelick in 1997 under Janet Reno. That appointment marked the final elevation in a series of Clinton-era promotions that punctuate his résumé. Holder’s rise, like Obama’s own, is of symbolic significance, as he now has been nominated to be the nation’s first black attorney general. Symbolism, however, cannot camouflage the fact that Holder is a conventional, check-the-boxes creature of the Left.

He is convinced justice in America needs to be “established” rather than enforced; he’s excited about hate crimes and enthusiastic about the constitutionally dubious Violence Against Women Act; he’s a supporter of affirmative action and a practitioner of the statistical voodoo that makes it possible to burden police departments with accusations of racial profiling and the states with charges of racially skewed death-penalty enforcement; he’s more likely to be animated by a touchy-feely Reno-esque agenda than traditional enforcement against crimes; he’s in favor of ending the detentions of enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay and favors income redistribution to address the supposed root causes of crime.


Much has been made, and appropriately so, of Holder’s untoward performance in the final corrupt act of the Clinton administration: the pardons issued in the departing president’s final hours. Of these, most notorious is the case of Marc Rich, an unrepentant fugitive wanted on extensive fraud, racketeering, and trading-with-the-enemy charges — but granted a pardon nonetheless thanks to the intercession of his ex-wife, a generous donor to Clinton’s library and legal-defense fund.

Holder’s role was aptly described as “unconscionable” by a congressional committee. He steered Rich’s allies to retain the influential former White House counsel Jack Quinn (Holder later conceded he hoped Quinn would help him become attorney general in a Gore administration); he helped Quinn directly lobby Clinton, doing an end-run around the standard pardon process (including DOJ’s pardon attorney); and he kept the deliberations hidden from the district U.S. attorney and investigative agencies prosecuting Rich so they couldn’t learn about the pardon application and register their objections.

There’s more. In 1999, over the objections of the FBI, the Bureau of Prisons, and prosecuting attorneys, Holder supported Clinton’s commutation of the sentences of 16 FALN conspirators. These pardons — of terrorists who even Holder has conceded had not expressed any remorse — were issued in the months after al-Qaeda’s 1998 U.S. embassy bombings, when the Clinton administration was pretending to be the scourge of terrorism. The commutations were nakedly political, obviously designed by Clinton to assist his wife’s impending Senate campaign by appealing to New York’s substantial Puerto Rican vote.

Equally noxious were the stealthy pardons of Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans — Weather Underground terrorists associated with Obama’s friends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn — issued on the same day as the Rich pardon. Rosenberg and Evans had been serving decades-long sentences for bombings targeting American government facilities. With Holder again helping to circumvent the pardon process and to evade objections from prosecutors, the terrorists’ jail terms were commuted just weeks after the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole.
Borrowing from former NFL head coach Dennis Green, Obama is who we thought he was with the selection of Eric Holder for U.S. Attorney General. Namely, a radical leftist.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fight the Future

Increasingly Looking More Like Clinton Part III

There's definitely a pattern to the staffing of Obama's incoming administration. And while the linked to blog post jokes about Janet Reno, I heard on the Laura Ingraham Show this morning that she is actually being considered by Barry for the spot of Attorney General!

Update: Newsweek reports that Eric Holder, a Deputy Attorney General during the Clinton era who pushed through the pardon of Marc Rich, is being tapped by Barry for the AG position. (h/t)

Update 2: Byron York at The Corner recounts the following exchanges between the late Tim Russert and Eric Holder just prior to and after the Elian Gonzalez matter in 2000:
Russert: "You wouldn't send a SWAT team in the dark of night to kidnap the child, in effect?"

Holder: "No, we don't expect anything like that to happen."

(The day after Elian was seized by SWAT eqiupped agents)

Russert: "Why such a dramatic change in position?"

Holder: "I'm not sure I'd call it a dramatic change...We waited 'til five in the morning, just before dawn."

Kmiec Spins for The One at St. John's Seminary

Carl Olson does a mini Fisking of DK's Obama apologia.

Kmiec, it seems, is of the belief that the Freedom of Choice Act, which Barry has said he would sign if elected President, will never make it out of the House of Representatives. Dougie doesn't seem to mention whether he would publicly renounce his support of Barry if it did.

Monday, November 17, 2008

How Obama Got Elected

He won the ignoramus vote, which in large part was created by the Lame Stream Media.

All Around Jerk Gets Charged With Insider Trading

Mark Cuban is not only one of the most obnoxious team owners in professional sports, he is the a-hole who helped bankroll the anti-military and Bush assassination-chic films "Redacted" and "Death of a President" (both of which were box office flops). I'm not a believer in karma, but it seems more than a little coincidental that bad things always seem to eventually happen to bad people.