Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Increasingly Looking More Like Clinton Part III

There's definitely a pattern to the staffing of Obama's incoming administration. And while the linked to blog post jokes about Janet Reno, I heard on the Laura Ingraham Show this morning that she is actually being considered by Barry for the spot of Attorney General!

Update: Newsweek reports that Eric Holder, a Deputy Attorney General during the Clinton era who pushed through the pardon of Marc Rich, is being tapped by Barry for the AG position. (h/t)

Update 2: Byron York at The Corner recounts the following exchanges between the late Tim Russert and Eric Holder just prior to and after the Elian Gonzalez matter in 2000:
Russert: "You wouldn't send a SWAT team in the dark of night to kidnap the child, in effect?"

Holder: "No, we don't expect anything like that to happen."

(The day after Elian was seized by SWAT eqiupped agents)

Russert: "Why such a dramatic change in position?"

Holder: "I'm not sure I'd call it a dramatic change...We waited 'til five in the morning, just before dawn."

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