Saturday, June 05, 2010

Dude, You're an Effing Idiot

Ashton Kutcher lays the blame on "Drill! Drill! Drill!" Republicans for the BP oil spill in the Gulf. Mr. Demi Moore is obviously ignorant of the fact that the guy he probably supported for President also favored offshore drilling before the BP accident occurred. He's also probably ignorant of the fact that this oil spill and its resulting damage could have been significantly reduced and eventually stopped much easier and far sooner if companies like BP were allowed to drill in shallower waters. Thanks, however, to anti-drilling environmentalist groups, the likes of whom Ashton Kutcher probably mindlessly supports, the Federal government doesn't allow near coastal drilling.

It's a darn good thing that Ashton Kutcher is considered a good looking guy, and Hollywood places a great deal of value on his looks. Because if Ashton Kutcher had to heavily rely on his acting ability and intellectual prowess, he'd be out on the streets starving or some aging rich cougar's kept man. Well, he's kind of in the latter situation, but since Hollywood pays Ashton Kutcher a boat load of money just for his looks, he isn't dependent on Demi Moore to put a roof over his head. At least I don't think so.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Helen Thomas is a Moonbat

I mean this literally. First of all, there is no recognized nation state called Palestine. And to basically suggest that there were no Jews in Israel prior to the late 1940s is, well, moonbatty. How bad must the journalistic profession be if an ignorant hack like Helen Thomas is able to attain a high level of recognition within it?

Update: More disgusting Helen Thomas video. Driven by her obvious hatred of Jews, Thomas here basically berates Baghdad Bob Gibbs for the Administration's failure to condemn the IDF raid on the flotilla where pro-Hamas "demonstrators" attacked Israeli soldiers. h/t Matt Bramanti

America's Greatest Patriot Denounces IDF Raid on Pro-Terrorist Flotilla

I am, of course, referring to Ron "I Don't Want To Be Financed by Stormfront, But I'm Keeping the Money They Give Me Anyway" Paul. The hostility he has toward Israel can be palpably discerned from his outright mischaracterization of the Gaza blockade as a planned denial of food and medicine to Palestinians. Paul also distinctly says "Palestine" a couple of times, as if there is currently a sovereign country with that name. There isn't.

h/t Hot Air

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

History Denied

This should have been an unprecedented third perfect game in one season, let alone within a month. I do give Jim Joyce, the umpire who blew the call at first, credit for later admitting he made a big mistake. Who knows, maybe Major League Baseball, i.e., Commissioner Bud Selig, will correct this obvious wrong for the record books.

Update: As you've probably noticed, the above video has been taken down by You Tube. Whatever. In consolation for the unofficial perfect game he threw, Chevy gave Galarraga a new Corvette. Sweet.

Reason No. 892832932 to Keep Your Kids Out of Government Schools

I can't believe this middle school in New York state actually suspended a student for outwardly wearing rosary beads around his neck. Even more outrageous is that the school regarded the beads as a gang symbol. WTF?!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ms. Ardent Catholic Claims Her Favorite Word is The Word

Given her untenable position on issues like abortion, I would have taken Pelosi more seriously in the video below if she had broken out into a song from one of my all time favorite movies growing up.

h/t Ann Althouse