Saturday, June 05, 2010

Dude, You're an Effing Idiot

Ashton Kutcher lays the blame on "Drill! Drill! Drill!" Republicans for the BP oil spill in the Gulf. Mr. Demi Moore is obviously ignorant of the fact that the guy he probably supported for President also favored offshore drilling before the BP accident occurred. He's also probably ignorant of the fact that this oil spill and its resulting damage could have been significantly reduced and eventually stopped much easier and far sooner if companies like BP were allowed to drill in shallower waters. Thanks, however, to anti-drilling environmentalist groups, the likes of whom Ashton Kutcher probably mindlessly supports, the Federal government doesn't allow near coastal drilling.

It's a darn good thing that Ashton Kutcher is considered a good looking guy, and Hollywood places a great deal of value on his looks. Because if Ashton Kutcher had to heavily rely on his acting ability and intellectual prowess, he'd be out on the streets starving or some aging rich cougar's kept man. Well, he's kind of in the latter situation, but since Hollywood pays Ashton Kutcher a boat load of money just for his looks, he isn't dependent on Demi Moore to put a roof over his head. At least I don't think so.

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