Friday, August 29, 2003

What Have You Been Smoking?!

I go to a local Kinko's here in Sacramento to get the Amicus Brief I was editing copied and bound. While writing out my order, the adolescent male desk clerk decides to engage in some idle chit chat with me and asks if I'm "ready" for the long weekend. To be polite I say that I am, and that I'll probably drive down to San Francisco to hang out with relatives. In response, the clerk tells me he thinks San Francisco is great, because of its rich and diverse culture. I generally agree with him and add that there's a lot more to do there than here in Sacto. Then right out of the pages of, I don't know, uninformed naivete, the obviously mushy-minded desk clerk says to me "Yeah, and you also don't get the 'hate-on' there (San Fran.) for thinking outside of the box."

Somewhat shocked by this comment, I almost wanted to rhetorically ask this kid if he thought a devout pro-life Catholic would ever have a snowball's chance in Hell to be elected Mayor of San Francisco. However, because I really wanted my order to be filled by the end of the day, I just kind of smiled and said I would be back later to pick up my materials.

The Youth of America, ladies and gentleman. Sigh.
Yes, Senator Schumer is a Grade A Moron

Guess who had the responsibility of overseeing the court ordered removal of the 10 Commandments monument in Alabama, even though he personally believed the ruling to be incorrect. Devout Catholic and Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal nominee Bill Pryor, whom Sen. Schumer did not believe was capable of following the law if it conflicted with his religious beliefs.

Eat !#*% Chucky!
Where Have I Been?

I had no idea Prez. Bush had nominated California Supreme Court Justice Janice Brown to the D.C. Court of Appeals. Anyway, as expected, the hard Left has got its panties all wadded up over it.

"Janice Rogers Brown is the far right's dream judge," said Ralph G. Neas, president of People for the American Way. "She embodies Clarence Thomas's ideological extremism and Antonin Scalia's abrasiveness and right-wing activism."

Images of Charlie Brown listening to his teacher speak inaudible sounds pop up whenever I see these remarks.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

They're Back!

Well, it looks like the comment system is back up.

Can't really blog anything now, as I'm trying to edit an Amicus Brief in support of the Berkeley Sea Scouts. The brief will be filed with the California State Supreme Court. If you ever find yourself pulling this brief, don't expect to see my name on it, since I have a personal policy of never putting my name on anything that I haven't personally written.
Comment Boxes Down

Since it's free, I guess I can't complain.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Three Evo Protty giants, Dobson, Robertson, and Land, duke it out over the Judge Moore/Ten Commandments controversy.

Speaking on his daily Focus on the Family radio program, Dobson said he supports Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and "strongly" disagrees with evangelicals who have criticized Moore's legal strategy.

Robertson and Land both said that while they believe Moore's Ten Commandments display is constitutional, they think he should have obeyed a federal court order and removed the monument.
Federal Court Says No Jesus in City Council Prayers

Surprisingly enough, this isn't a Ninth Circuit decision, although those leftist knucleheads did make a similar ruling last year in the case of Bacus v. Palo Verde School District.
With Friends Like This...

[Mike]Tyson told "Access Hollywood" that [Kobe] Bryant needs to get things straightened out with his family. He said if Bryant ends up doing time, he's got to keep in mind "who's gonna come see him, who's gonna be in touch, who's gonna be in contact if anything happens."

My advice: Don't ask Mike for any appetizer suggestions. He might get "ear"ritated.