Friday, August 29, 2003

What Have You Been Smoking?!

I go to a local Kinko's here in Sacramento to get the Amicus Brief I was editing copied and bound. While writing out my order, the adolescent male desk clerk decides to engage in some idle chit chat with me and asks if I'm "ready" for the long weekend. To be polite I say that I am, and that I'll probably drive down to San Francisco to hang out with relatives. In response, the clerk tells me he thinks San Francisco is great, because of its rich and diverse culture. I generally agree with him and add that there's a lot more to do there than here in Sacto. Then right out of the pages of, I don't know, uninformed naivete, the obviously mushy-minded desk clerk says to me "Yeah, and you also don't get the 'hate-on' there (San Fran.) for thinking outside of the box."

Somewhat shocked by this comment, I almost wanted to rhetorically ask this kid if he thought a devout pro-life Catholic would ever have a snowball's chance in Hell to be elected Mayor of San Francisco. However, because I really wanted my order to be filled by the end of the day, I just kind of smiled and said I would be back later to pick up my materials.

The Youth of America, ladies and gentleman. Sigh.

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