Tuesday, March 25, 2003

What the &$!*#?!

I keep seeing these obnoxious anti-war/Bush propaganda links in the Blogger banner at the top of this page. Cut it out!!
It's Not Madera County...

Blogging will be lighter than usual for the next week as I jet down to So. Cal (Orange County) for a job interview with the State Compensation Insurance Fund. Call me wild and crazy.
Catch It Before They Notice the Mistake has the following headline: "7TH CALVARY FIGHTS OFF IRAQI ATTACK"

The proper spelling, of course, should be "Cavalry". But hey, there's nothing wrong with a little reminder of the sacrifice He made for us...even if it's inadvertant.
Traditional Definition of Marriage Could Hang in the Balance

In a potential landmark case, the US Supreme Court will examine Wednesday whether the Texas [anti-sodomy] law violates the equal protection and privacy rights of homosexuals, or whether the law is, instead, a legitimate attempt by the state to uphold its view of sexual morality, family values, and traditional marriage.

Supporters of the law say there is no fundamental right in the Constitution to engage in certain homosexual acts. To strike down the Texas law, they say, could create such a right and lay the legal groundwork for recognition of same-sex marriages.

Opponents of the law say among the most fundamental of rights guaranteed in the Constitution is the right to be let alone. The government does not enjoy the unfettered power to intrude into the most intimate and private aspects of what happens in American bedrooms, they say.
SCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments in Death Penalty Case

The central issue here is whether the criminal defendant was deprived of adequate legal counsel when his attorneys failed to raise his troubled childhood background during the sentencing phase of his conviction.

Kathy Swedlow, deputy director of the Innocence Project and assistant professor at the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Mich., said the Supreme Court's decision in the case, No. 02-311, could have widespread ramifications because the issues are more common than some other highly publicized instances of alleged inadequate legal representation in death penalty cases.

"The drunk lawyers, the sleeping lawyers, are the exceptions," she said. "More often, the lawyers don't have the time or the resources or the training" to represent defendants in capital cases.
In Case There Was Any Confusion

"Given the complexity of factors involved, many of which understandably remain confidential, it is altogether appropriate for members of our armed forces to presume the integrity of our leadership and its judgments, and therefore to carry out their military duties in good conscience," [said] Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien
Paging Louis Farrakhan

Accused soldier's mother says he is being persecuted because of his Islamic faith.

Correction: My post below notes that Akbar might have converted to Islam while he was college. This is not, in fact, the case.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Women Are Still "Unequal"

A new report shows that women, on average, still make less than men. I say we rectify this by allowing men to have paid maternity leave.

Update: Ok, for purposes of accuracy, it should be "paternity" leave. Of course, the only real time you hear this word is when a lawsuit is filed...
Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Go to any University of California Campus

Maybe there is, and maybe there isn't a link, but I personally find it interesting that the guy who allegedly fragged his fellow soldiers in Kuwait is also a graduate from UC Davis, where I understand he converted to Islam.
Hate is Amusing Sometimes

I didn't actually see mush of the Oscars last night, but I happened to stumble upon Michael Moore's ranting while channel surfing. It was pretty funny to hear the significant amount of booing that was occurring, but even more hilarious was Moore's comment about us living in ficticious times. If that's the case, and nothing is true, then I guess Moore was admitting what most sane people already know about him: he's an obnoxious liar. Thanks for clearing that up for us Mike. Let me know if you ever need help moving to France or Baghdad.