Tuesday, November 26, 2002

San Francisco appellate court says Berkeley can punish Scouts for ban on homosexuals.

Not a surprising decision, given the source. On to the state supreme court we go.
Pat Buchanan on the showdown in Alabama over the Ten Commandments monument.

Roy Moore, a Vietnam vet, was lately a judge in Etowah County. Presented a carving of the Ten Commandments, Moore proudly hung the plaque in his courtroom, where it attracted the horrified notice of the ACLU, which found a federal judge to order Moore to take it down.

If the feds want this plaque down, said Moore, tell them to send U.S. marshals to tear it down. Moore's defiance was electrifying. And Gov. Fob James backed Moore up, saying that if the feds sent in marshals, he, his state troopers and the Alabama National Guard would meet them on the courthouse steps.

Monday, November 25, 2002