Friday, April 30, 2004

"Officially" Blown Off

The small firm I had an interview with on Monday has not returned my calls regarding its Wednesday offer to give me a two-week try out. I suppose I should regard the non-response as a blow off. I also wonder if I should have taken the offer immediately rather than ask for a day to think about accepting a job I could have possibly lost after only 10 days. Ah well. Live and learn.
Musings of a Lavender Mafioso

Proof positive that their agenda is to destroy marriage by seeking to "broaden" its meaning.

The head of a national homosexual organization is vowing to politically "punish," "terrify" and "torture" activists who oppose his organization's agenda on "gay" rights – which he says would give him "endless satisfaction."

Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force in Washington, D.C., made the comments in yesterday's edition of Between the Lines, a Detroit area homosexual newsmagazine, the American Family Association of Michigan points out.


Foreman was asked: "Is getting the right to marriage for same-sex couples something the Task Force is interested in?"

He responded: "We want full equality under the law, which, right now, means the freedom to marry. But we're also hopeful that we create different ways in which people can form relationships and families that don't come with all the baggage and the downsides of marriage. One of the great things about where we're going is that we are creating new ways for people to relate, new ways for people to obtain rights and benefits."

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Time to Write Archbishop Levada

Congresswoman Nanci Pelosi publicly distorts Catholic teachings and expresses her intent to receive Communion despite her pro-abortion record.

Pelosi, a San Francisco Democrat who was raised in a devout Italian Catholic home, told reporters, "I believe that my position on choice is one that is consistent with my Catholic upbringing, which said that every person has a free will and has the responsibility to live their lives in a way that they would have to account for in the end."

"I'm certainly concerned when the church comes together and says it's going to sanction people in public office for speaking their conscience and what they believe," she said

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Bork: Legal Justification for Same Sex "Marriages" is a Judicial Sin

For the umpteenth time, America really lost out by not having this guy on the Supreme Court. Now that Bork is Catholic, maybe he'll come around to seeing the Ninth Amendment as something more than an ink blot.
Job Wanted

Since the solo practice isn't going too well, I've decided to "hit the pavement" and look for a job with a small firm in San Francisco. I sent out over 600 (yes, 600+) resumes to various solo practitioners and small firms in the City last Thursday, and so far I've gotten a few "not hiring at this time" letters and one request for an interview yesterday with a firm that I didn't know mostly did maritime law until I arrived for the interview (I thought it was just a general civil litigation firm).

Overall, I don't think my interview went too well. It lasted for only about thirty minutes, which is never a good sign. Furthermore, while it was hard enough trying to put a positive spin on my general lack of litigation experience and exposure to maritime law, I had to deal with these issues while sitting in a hot office with no air conditioning (it hit a record 91 degrees in San Francisco yesterday). Needless to say, I wasn't very impressive, and I think it's probably safe to presume that I won't be tendered an offer to work with this firm. So while I anxiously and hopefully wait by my phone for other attorneys to call me in for a job interview, I would ask you to please keep me in your prayers during this somewhat personally difficult time.

Update: Got a call from the above law firm's owner today (Wednesday), and he said he'd like to hire me on a two-week (10 days) trial basis to "see if there's a good fit." Not wanting to seem desperate or that no other firms have been in contact with me about possible employment, I responded that I'd need the day to think about it, and that I would call him back Thursday morning. After some discussion with friends and colleagues, chances are pretty good that I'm going to accept the offer.

Monday, April 26, 2004


As most of you are probably aware by now, it was reported over the weekend that Pat Tilley, who gave up a lucrative career in the NFL to serve his country in the Army, died in combat in Afghanistan. This weekend also saw Eli Manning, son of legendary NFL quarterback Archie and brother to probable NFL legend Peyton, throw a subdued tantrum about being drafted by the San Diego Chargers. Fortunately, San Diego traded Eli to New York, where hopefully he will take the opportunity to go by the area where the World Trade Center buildings once stood and reflect upon the sacrifices that have been made for him by brave souls like the late Pat Tilley.

Errata: Pat's last name was Tillman. I must have been thinking about Meg Tilley or something.