Friday, October 31, 2008

Voter Fraud in Central Cali?

Via Michelle Malkin comes news of a couple of facilities for the developmentally disabled in Central California that have apparently been coaching several of its adult patients/clients to register and vote for The One. Administrators at these facilities, of course, deny doing anything wrong or exercising any sort of undue influence. Parents disagree.
"I have an issue with them going behind my back. It was wrong," said Rod Homen. Homen's daughter Shelley, 26, spends the day at CAPS PLUS in Manteca but lives at home with him in Escalon.

Homen said Shelley has the intellectual capacity of a seven-year-old. He discovered she had voted absentee after paperwork arrived at the house from the county registrar.

The mother of another CAPS PLUS client was equally outraged. "It really made me mad," said Diana Hanson.

"She doesn't understand it. She's not mentally capable of voting," said Hanson of her daughter Kara, 23, who has Down Syndrome.

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