Friday, April 18, 2008


Michelle Malkin's alter ego blog and Rep. Tom Tancredo mindlessly ascribe unfounded motivations on the Pope for his recent, and subtle, pro "open borders" comments.

Update (4/19/08): Very subtle. Possibly even imagined. (h/t to Michelle Malkin herself, though her "Look, I was raised Catholic" defense to charges of anti-Catholicism, which probably aren't fair, is pretty weak.)

Update Two (4/21/08): More on what the Pope really said and the knee jerk reaction of Congressman Cantankerous.

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Pauli said...

Tancredo and Malkin both have always annoyed me, mainly because they are wild-eyed hair-triggers on this border issue. This idea that it's either mass deportation or letting people flood the country is the falsest of false dichotomies.