Friday, April 11, 2008

An Elitist Liberal Caricature Unto Himself

Obamessiah explains why small town folk in America are angry, crazy gun toters, Jesus freaks, racists, "homophobes," xenophobes or economic isolationists.

You go, Barry!

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Pauli said...

I was at the firing range in Eastlake, OH the other day and there were whites and blacks in there, we were all joking around in the shop. The one dude was there with his girlfriend who was shooting a 40. (I know because her shells kept hitting me on the head -- I always wear a cap.) He goes "do you have a target with her face on it?" She started laughing. You can't make jokes like that if you're bitter. Eastlake is "one of those towns", believe me. People are resilient. Obama doesn't know us -- he's uppercrust material. Anyway, his religion is whacked 8 ways from Sunday and he's going to lecture us?