Wednesday, May 22, 2002

According to this story in the Los Angeles Times, several priests afflicted with homosexual desires are feeling scapegoated by the Church and may leave their positions out of protest.

The attitudes expressed by the priests in this article is a great example of what's wrong with the priesthood in America: like the popular culture, it presumptively equates a disordered psychological desire to an immutable biological characteristic (e.g., race). Contrary to what most liberals and squish conservatives like Andrew Sullivan think, "being gay" is not the same as being black, Chinese, or a midget. This is true both in civil law (i.e., homosexuality is not a "suspect class") and within the Church.

Bottom line is, if the priests quoted in this decidedly slanted article are not acting upon their desires, and they are upholding the teachings of the Church, they aren't "gay". If they understood this, then they wouldn't have any problems with booting out homosexual priests.

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