Monday, May 20, 2002

Well I finally made it to Sunday Mass at the "new" church building that the Sacramento Ecclesia Dei community recently acquired. They had their first Sunday Mass on Mother's Day, but I was out of town.

Because it used to be a Lutheran church, I had suggested (by e-mail) that it be re-named after one of the great Doctors of the Church and Reformation busters, St. Peter Canisius. Needless to say, my suggestion (which was sincere) was dismissed and the building was re-named after St. Stephen.

Although there are renovation plans to make it Catholic, it was kind of interesting to have a traditional Latin Mass in a former Protestant church building. All the pews are slanted in a diagonal direction and there are no kneelers. On second thought, the church looks a lot like some of the buildings I've been in that do clown Masses.

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