Monday, May 27, 2002

Garry Wills' pedophilia problem (link to Traditional Catholic Reflections website).

Wills admits that almost all the cases of sexual predation by priests involved homosexual men—not pedophiles who target children, but immature gay men who slipped through the Church’s filters and got themselves ordained. Yet Wills has fought every initiative launched by Rome to clean up American seminaries, to root out the gay subculture which liberal bishops have fostered, or to enforce the Church’s rigorous condemnation of pornography and promiscuity. The gay subculture—which Michaelangelo Signorile, among others, has acknowledged is replete with erotica celebrating encounters between teen-aged boys and older men—is not the problem for Wills. No, it’s the Church’s "over-strict" morality, its excessive demands, which drives gay priests into the arms of teenagers, which drives gay men into the ranks of the clergy, which drives bishops to ignore and fail to discipline pedophiles.

Unlike other "conservative" Catholic bloggers, I've been hesitant to give any legitimacy to Wills' comments on the Situation, or his criticism of Philip Jenkins' findings that Catholic clergy commit far less acts of sexual abuse than Protestant clergy or American society in general. Now you know why. Wills has an agenda against the Church, and anything he says or writes about it should be looked upon with extreme suspicion...and doubt

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