Sunday, May 12, 2002

An underlying principle of secular humanism is the concept that truth (particular in regard to reality) is nothing but a social construct. This is the basis for which a reader has argued against the existence of God and why homosexuality cannot be regarded as abnormal or disordered conduct. Two things I would raise: There is not one surviving civilization in the world that regards homosexual conduct as normal. There may be different levels of tolerance for it, but not even the most atheistic non-religious society believes it to be in accordance with the laws of nature. Second, the assertion that truth is a social construct is internally contradictory. Truth cannot be both relative and transcendent at the same time. On a more practical level, who would want to live in an environment where truth is relative and decided by the majority; where what may be rape to one person is simply sexual foreplay for another? Life is ultimately meaningless if truth is a merely a social construct.

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