Friday, June 28, 2002

I understand that Rep. Mike Honda, a liberal Democrat from San Jose, was one of the three congressmen that voted against condemning the 9th Circuit's decision on the Pledge of Allegiance. Since Honda is of Japanese descent, this got me thinking about Asian-American politicians, and how there really aren't any that can be classified as conservative, much less Republican. This is most odd, given the fact that Asian culture tends to be relatively conservative, both fiscally and socially. And given the troubles that many Americans of Asian descent have encountered at the hands of government (see, e.g., Communist China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia) you'd think we would be a consistently solid Republican or conservative voting block. Sadly, however, too many Asian-Americans have bought into the ridiculous, liberal belief that "whitey" wants to oppress us. As a result, we tend to support and vote for any politician with an Asian name, despite the fact that they may have an ideology that is at odds with the traditional and transcendent values that most of us were brought up with and still hold.

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